Friday, January 27, 2017

Feedback on "Password to Enriched Life"

Dear Sir,

I have read your book 'Password to enriched life'. I have started reading and language and put things in so simple way that I have finished it in 2 days of leisure time. 

Your story narrated subjects linked with management fundamentals/learning are highly appreciative and applicable in day to day life working.

I would definitely read this books some more time to grasp the learning objective.

Sachin Sontakke

Dear Sir,

When I started to read book - "Password to enriched life" I came to know, what is password mean in our life. every person wishes to grow and reach at other side as expects everyone. When I read this book I came to know I am already at other side (how is it?) to understand it more, I would suggest all to read this book.

Your personal stories are really motivational to others. When I read stories of Sonu your Son, I learned how we can learn from our children and also how we should deal with them.

There are many stories which are really motivational that would  help us to understand the password of our life to become enriched.

I would say these experiences might be happened in many/every peoples life, but only few of them can recognize it. But when we read this book, will memorize our own past experiences and I am sure will get the password for our own life………….

Thanks for writing such a useful and motivation book……

Sachin Aute & Manisha Aute

Dear Sir,

I just finished book " Password to enriched life ". Sundar, dusra Shabda nahi ", So simple and so enriches.

Ashok Jagdale

I read your book half way through, very nice and inspiring. Short little stories, and very very meaningful. Felt like going on and on. You have put it in a very simple language. 

Vaishali Shetty.

I have completed password to enriched life.... It was awesome.. 😊😊

I felt in love with it.

Remind me many such same incidents happened with me 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

For some time I was seeing like actually it's in front of me.

Wonderful book. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Yogesh Khatade

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