Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bring your arrogance down…

We can not avoid many thinks in life. We need lot many certificates and documents in life to prove our existence in this country. It starts from birth, you need birth certificate, you need domicile certificate, ration card, election card, passport, Pan Card etc. etc.  There are other failed initiatives taken by the government like unique identification number. I remember 7 years back provident fund office tried to implement one card for all establishments for employees.

Anyways, common man has to struggle a lot to make these documents.

“Where is the birth certificate?” clerk asks me
“I don’t have the birth certificate; it was submitted to school by my parents.” I replied. “But I have domicile certificate where my birth date and place is mentioned.”
“Chalnar nahi. (Won’t do.)” He put aside my papers.
“I am here in front of you, isn’t enough proof of my birth?” I replied back.
“Rule is rule. We need birth certificate and you have to bring it.”

I had to take lot of efforts to prove that I am born and bought up in Maharashtra. They don’t understand logic.

I read somewhere Shaharukh Khan saying that he goes US when he thinks he become more arrogant. US security officials bring him on the ground.”
Shaharukh, why you need to go at US, go at any government office. They will bring you on the ground at single moment. (Security Guard at Wankhede stadium brought you on the ground for valid reasons.)

The problem, with whole Indian bureaucracy is lack of accountability. The hiring is not qualitative and nobody is responsible.

Why not they outsource jobs to good private companies? They did for PAN and passport. I am waiting it for all services.  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Some more great answers given by HR professionals

1) Who is called hiring manager?
Candidate 1: A person who is responsible for handling recruitment cycle for an organization is called hiring manager.
Candidate 2: Recruitment Manager is generally known as Hiring Manager.

2) What is SMART means in SMART Goals setting?
Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology
(Oh… we got new jargon in HR)

3) Meaning of suspension?
Candidate 1: Employees are retained in the organization
Candidate 2: Asking employee to put down his papers for nonperformance.
Candidate3: When employer gives the order to employee to leave the organization.

4) Difference between lock out and closure?
Closure: when the establishment itself is closed
Lock out: The place of business in closed.

5) Who recognize trade union?
Candidate 1:- Ministry of labour
Candidate 2:- Union leader
Candidate 3:- Trade Union of India
(So why unions don’t go to these newly formed agencies?)

6) Who decides minimum wages?
FLSA: - Fair labour and Std. Act.
(Oh... when this Act introduced? Or copied from US?)

7) PL Eligibility as per Factories Act?
45 days
(Kaash yaisa hota!)

9) Can you tell me what behavioural based interview means?
It is calculation of employee level.

10) What is employee attrition?
Attrition is the ratio of the strength of company

11) And employee turnover?
Employee turnover is like asset for any company like profit whereas employee attrition is like liability or loss to the company.

(This candidate may be best fit in finance)

This is a right time to sent the context for deciding the quality of professional while hiring.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some “great” answers given by HR professional

Following are answers given by some HR professionals during different interviews. All these professionals were having around 8-19 years of so –called experience in HR and were working with good Indian companies.

  1. What is competency?
In simple words, it is right person at right job on right time (!!!!!!!!!)

(Oh… what a simple answer…)

  1. What is KRAs?
Key Result Areas

  1. Yes I know what KRA stands for, but what does it mean?
It is day to day activities what employee is performing

  1. Have you identified KRAs, KPIs,?

  1. How?
We circulated blank forms sent by corporate HR; we get it filled from department heads as on time.

(Good job of getting filled forms on time… in his CV he had mentioned that he had an experience of implementing Performance Management System in his current organization.)

  1. You have written in your CV that you had done manpower planning? What you did?
I was getting filled the manpower requisition from department head. Based on this we decide how many employees need to be recruited.

(No comments)

  1. You have written you have done job evaluation what is it?
Preparing the details of job

  1. What is the difference between job profile and job descriptions?
The activities what employees is doing on day to day basis and what are the requirement of job is job descriptions.

  1. What you do in recruitment?
Once we get the requisition we give the requirement to consultants and then in co-ordination with department head we co-ordinate interviews.

10. You have written that you have participated in negotiations with union during settlement; what was your role in that?

I was preparing a data for the boss, taking minutes of meeting etc.

9. You have mentioned that you are dealing with the union; can you tell me what protected workman is?
Protected workmen? (Candidate heard this first time)

  1. Can contract labour be used in production activities?

  1. How?
We are using them


  1. You have mentioned that you handed training function. Can you elaborate what actually did?
We identify training needs and based on that we conducted training programmes.

  1. How you identified training needs?
We used to send the forms to Department heads, and they would fill the training needs.

  1. What is your major achievement?
…………………. (Please read as pause)
Two months back, my boss left and now I am handling everything.

(Oh… God save the organization…..)

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Masculine and Feminine Power

Lord Krisha says, “Radha is neither separate nor different from me. Radha is within me and I am within Radha. In every man, there is a woman and in every woman there is a man. This is balancing the whole universe.”

The whole world is in competition mode and wants more.  People are hungry of power. Have you noticed, how many brands have in supermarkets? How many brands are you using, few! But we are behind more…. more brands, more salary, more cars….

The reason is competition of being ahead and survival. These few characteristics are of masculine mentality, mindset and therefore of masculine power… These characteristics are everywhere in business, society, families and communities. We are paying the price of this masculine energy. Terrorism, aggression, bullying, bossing, stress, burnout and rat race for being successful…  

There is another energy approach feminine energy...

Collaboration, success, cooperation are few characteristics of feminine energy. Instead of competition, as a means, to success, using cooperation; an approach of service and win-win solutions; Instead of criticism, the use of acknowledgements...

As we grow, we have the influence of these both energies. We get something from our parent, from society, from peers and from siblings. All these have both energies. We learn from male members and female members. This makes our personality. If the masculine influence is more, we tend to be more powerful, aggressive and so on. If feminine influence is more we are humble, collaborative and understanding. This is nothing related to the gender, either man or woman… both energies exits among us and we should learn to use the both as appropriate time.  
Take an example at workplace, we have a “boss”… masculine energy and we have a “leader” as feminine energy. In organization, we have accepted the masculine approach of discipline, performance, span of control etc etc... Imagine the situation, where the task is stuck. Manager asks the reasons, fires and gives instructions. Leader, here, acknowledges the efforts taken by the team member and focuses on solutions   

The balance of masculine and feminine approach is important. You can not enforced one approach. Only masculine energy will increase conflicts, and only feminine energy will miss the performance and discipline. Both characteristics are important. Forget about the gender, learn about the past and focus what are those masculine and feminine characteristics. Balancing both will make your perfect person at office, home, in society…   

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