Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bring your arrogance down…

We can not avoid many thinks in life. We need lot many certificates and documents in life to prove our existence in this country. It starts from birth, you need birth certificate, you need domicile certificate, ration card, election card, passport, Pan Card etc. etc.  There are other failed initiatives taken by the government like unique identification number. I remember 7 years back provident fund office tried to implement one card for all establishments for employees.

Anyways, common man has to struggle a lot to make these documents.

“Where is the birth certificate?” clerk asks me
“I don’t have the birth certificate; it was submitted to school by my parents.” I replied. “But I have domicile certificate where my birth date and place is mentioned.”
“Chalnar nahi. (Won’t do.)” He put aside my papers.
“I am here in front of you, isn’t enough proof of my birth?” I replied back.
“Rule is rule. We need birth certificate and you have to bring it.”

I had to take lot of efforts to prove that I am born and bought up in Maharashtra. They don’t understand logic.

I read somewhere Shaharukh Khan saying that he goes US when he thinks he become more arrogant. US security officials bring him on the ground.”
Shaharukh, why you need to go at US, go at any government office. They will bring you on the ground at single moment. (Security Guard at Wankhede stadium brought you on the ground for valid reasons.)

The problem, with whole Indian bureaucracy is lack of accountability. The hiring is not qualitative and nobody is responsible.

Why not they outsource jobs to good private companies? They did for PAN and passport. I am waiting it for all services.  

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Anonymous said...

Sir, I completely agree with you. Only privatization is a solution for this issue.
I encountered such problems in Govt dept and the shocking thing was even the young guys who are recently joined are following the same foot steps of their seniors. No one want to change and no one have any sense of accountability.
Most common answer you get in a govt dept is "this will be forwarded to the concern dept - and we cant say anything further". I rarely had a positive conversation with these folks and I hardly know anyone who had a good exp with these guys.... Still hope for some change in future..

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