Thursday, March 15, 2018

Postings in WhatsApp groups & Social media

As a professional, don't you think that we are sharing to much information but not a relevant knowledge? There is lot of data and information available on internet.

Earlier we used to refer "GK" to General Knowledge, today it is "Google Knowledge"

Everyday, we get lot of articles, news, opinions etc. However question is how to make that information relevant and convert into the knowledge and wisdom. We share everything which comes to us, perhaps without reading and understanding it. Most of the times it is like garbage in garbage out. By doing this we are wasting our and recipient data, time etc.

While sharing the data or information, there should be self imposed discipline.

Please ask yourself following questions before posting it.
  1. Am I sharing the information which is relevant to the group?
  2. Am I just copying this from somewhere and pasting it in the group without reading and understanding what it means to me and others?
  3. Am I acknowledging the original author, writer of the content?
  4. Am I just posting it without adding my comments and summary of the same?
If your answer is 'NO' please don't post it.
Please don't post big articles, instead, write a summary and give the link of the article. This will help readers to decide to read or not. The said link can be saved for future reference also.
By doing this, you are
  1. Reading the article, it means you are understanding this properly.
  2.  Are improving your writing skills and thought process by summarising it.
  3. Are giving due credit to the author of the article, content etc
  4. Are saving the data of yourself and others.
  5. Are helping the author and his website or blog to reach to larger audience.

    Wise person is the person who knows how to use the knowledge; Knowledgeble is who uses the information in a right spirit to convert it into the knowledge; Informer collects the data & put in a structure. The problem is with fool who just copy, paste, post and trsnafer the data without understanding it. @vinodbidwaik

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