Sunday, April 07, 2013

Story of Ramesh and Suresh…

What a presentation?

Ramesh was a senior sales manager and Suresh was his associate with product assignment. Once Suresh wanted to visit some customers in the area, but he had no any good presentation. He had no time to make the separate presentation. Hence Suresh approached Ramesh and requested him if he had any presentation available. Ramesh was good in preparing presentations. He had prepared a beautiful presentation for customers last month. He mailed the same copy to Suresh. Suresh also requested Ramesh to come along with him so that Ramesh could introduce some new customers to Suresh.
 At first customer, Suresh presented the presentation which was appreciated by the customer. Customer was impressed. Ramesh thought, “What Suresh did, just presented my presentation and he had taken all the credit.”  Now Ramesh started to become jealous.
Ramesh knew next customer very well. Ramesh introduced the Suresh, “This is my colleague, Suresh, he is responsible for so and so product; however the presentation what he would make now, is prepared by me.” Customer was surprised by such introduction and Suresh was unhappy. He though, yaa he prepared the presentation, but does it require to introduce in such manner? Ramesh understood his mistake and he thought that he would not make any mistake at next customer.
Ramesh was so disturbed that he could not take this from his mind. “I prepared the presentation and Suresh is just presenting, and customers are happy with the same, perhaps if I could have been involved in this.” He thought, he would not think anything about this presentation. He suppressed his thought about the presentation.
At next customer, who was again new to Suresh, Ramesh introduced, “This is my colleague, Suresh. He is responsible for the so and so product. About the presentation which he is going to make to you,” he paused and again spoke,” I will not speak anything about the same.” Customer thought, what a strange introduction.
Suresh was now very unhappy, “What is this Ramesh? If you don’t wish, I will not use your presentation.” Ramesh somehow managed to convince that it was not his intention. Ramesh now become very conscious about his speech. He told himself that he should not mention anything about the presentation. “Now I am not going to speak a single world about this presentation.”
At next customer, again new customer; Ramesh introduced Suresh to the customer, “This is my colleague, Suresh. He is responsible for so and so product.” He wanted not to mention anything about the presentation, but he could not control and suddenly, words came from his mouth, “About the presentation which he going to present, sorry, I can’t speak anything about this. I have made my mind not to speak anything about this.”
Just imagine the reaction of Suresh.


Vikas Saxena said...

Hi Dear Vinod. Thanks for the blog on Ramesh & Suresh. It is very interesting and quite realistic. I appreciate it. The blog depicts the absence of virtues and values amongst two professionals who professto be very good friends. Values and virtues are thought to be esoteric by many in today's work scenario,hence are undermined; but the practising of these are to be underscored. This will always be the need of the hour. {Please keep writing on such eye-openers.} :Comment From : Vikas Saxena, CEO, Professional Expertise Group, ; # + 91 98440 22017; ; Bangalore [India].

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Vinod for the share.

After reading the blog, I realised how selfish can we, as a human, be.

We would help our colleague at first with his or her problem. But when we see that the person is prospering because of that help we offered him or her, that he or she is being complimented for it, we suddenly feel that jealously, lack of appreciation to us etc.

Even in the current state, is making a very good presentation enough to attract a customer's attention? Is presenting a data in an eye-catching manner all that one needs to close a sales? No, it takes a great effort to stand in front of someone and deliver a speech.

A good presentation is not the one that lots of graphs or colors or data in it and we repeating or reading the slides, a great presentation is the one where we can contribute much more to the developed slides. How we speak, what we speak and how we keep the person hooked to our speech is a talent.

Often we also forget that if we are helping a person with his or her work, it should be offered selflessly. Would we be willing to step forward and say that this was done by me to help him if the work was wrongly done? NO. So why do we wish to come forward and say so when the person is being appreciated for it?

A human tendency which we all are aware of, but something very difficult to curb and get rid of it.

A well narrated story and hope it helps us all to have an introspect in our own lives and if need, rectify such behavior.

Anikta Shah

Vinod Bidwaik said...

Thanks Ankita,

You have summarized the interpretation and learning from the story very well. I wanted to communicate the same message what you mentioned.

Expectations are built at every moments and people who don't expect is a sage. In this story, the expectations from Ramesh was acknowledgement and at the other hand Suresh was not enough serious to give the due credit. It may not be his intention, but somehow he misses that part.

Secondly, Ramesh, being senior could have been seen the success of Suresh in right spirit. He actually was supporting Suresh to do the job better.. There are senior and managers in the organization, sometimes become jealous to their juniors and subordinates if they perform well.

After all, small things have big impact, and we should not miss that all.

Thanks again,


Kasim Ansari said...


Very interesting and learning story!
Jealousy is important part in certain circumstances but if you make this into habbit then it will become a big problem in your life.
My conclusion is after read this blog- every person should use their mid way for helping someone so that realtionship will be available and nobody would get harm.
Be real, we are not sage or angel or godfather who don't have emotional feeling, we are human being and jealousy creates in human being.

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