Saturday, December 31, 2016

What is your Password to Enriched Life?? Please read what few professionals say about their password......

On the backdrop of my new English Book, Password to Enriched Life (Buy Here), I asked one question to few HR professionals. The question was, “what is your Password to Enriched and Empowered Life?” 

Everybody has the perspective and everybody has the password….however need to reveal the same to make life enriched… 

Please read the response, perhaps you may get some hint of the password, which you are searching for…

My password to enrich and empowered as follows 
  • Always believe in yourself. There is nothing called impossible. We just need to clear our mind blocks and unnecessary thoughts from our mind to be successful
  • Focus more on strength rather than weaknesses. Ultimately no one is perfect even I 😊😊 
  • Be Kiddish, have fun, play outdoor games.. hit the gym..  hard, treks, social work  ..enjoy the moments make people around you happy. Forget your status in office or in the society. 
  • Be everyone's friends. Everybody should trust you in such way that they can consider you as a friend in need. 
  • Knowledge upgradation:  Life is a learning journey.  Do not say I am done with it. There is always scope of important
  • Talk with self, listen your inner voice and held yourself responsible for all your decisions whatever the results may be

 Sachin Gaikwad, 
Executive HR & Admin at Lear Corporation

I would like express myself as under: 
  • My password for enriching life is Joy of Giving. There is one famous dialogue in Movie - Anand - Babu Moshay Jindagi Badi Honi chahiye lambi Nahi. So enrichment itself saying make life/things bigger and not longer. 
  • Inner Voice - This will keep you alive in life and promote you to empower the things. Do not quit your inner voice in any situation.
  • Don't influence with bad habits. This will ruin all good things you did in past. Always influence by positive and energetic things. 
  • Respect - To get the respect you must give it. Respect to your peers, neighbors, colleagues, superior, juniors etc. It cost nothing.
  • Don't give up - Situation always get change. Don't give up in your life in any situation. Fight till your last breathe. This is only thing, which encourage others.
  • Reading - Make reading your hobby. Forget one time food but don't forget reading. Read at least one page in a day. This will give you new though every day.
  • Make your hobby as passion and make your passion as profession. Once you passion aligned with profession then no need to do different things. Your action will speak everything.
  • This is what I am feeling to enrich the life.

Vishal Bhange
Dy. Manager-HR, Advik Hi Tech Pvt Ltd.

To make my life more enriching and fulfilling I believe in myself; primarily it is very important to understand the importance of self-esteem and what you as an individual can do in life, you need to be confident, positive and happy all the time in everything you do. 
Secondly, work life balance is very important spending adequate time in office and equal time for family and friends, it's very important that we take time off and spend some quality time with our loved ones because of whom we are working so hard in office and putting in those extra efforts to create an impression. 
Thirdly, I feel meditation is very important, everyday 15mins of just sitting alone and concentrating on our breathing process helps a lot throughout the day to concentrate and the answer what we are looking for lies within. Or even a brisk walk or jog in the morning does a ton of difference for the day. 
So keeping a check on the health also is very important as the age-old saying "Health is Wealth” That is my password for enriched and empowered life. 😊

Harshad Ail
Founder & CEO at Ail Associates

Over the years, I have found some of these life lessons to be extremely useful:
  • Love what you do and you will be happy personally and professionally.
  • There is no right or wrong decision. It all depends on experience, context, point of view, intentions, beliefs, values, culture, etc.
  • Me as an individual and people in general already have all the resources they need to achieve in life.
  • I always make the decision based on the best choices available to me. We make choices based on experience. More and better experiences allow for more choices.
  • Importantly I know that if what I am doing isn’t working, I need to do something else. Do anything else. You will only get the same results if you do what you have always done.
  • Lastly challenging myself has helped me always to break from my comfort zone.

Shruti Bendre Bhumralkar
HR Specialist 

For me, family and career are at the top of my list of priorities.  I always believed that I could only achieve a great deal of satisfaction through balancing it well. 
Secondly, I believe in continuing to learn more and grow up. My way of learning is through experiences, through people interactions, through videos, seminars, motivational stories etc. 
Fingers crossed, it's been working well so far! 
I take this opportunity to thank you all for some or the other learnings!

Kalpesh Setha
HRBP (South Asia) – Tom Tom
My password for enriched life is...
  • Know who and what you are.
  • Try to know people around you.
  • Find out areas for development. With best of your ability by ensuring less damage to all interested parties
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Always ensure that you are expressing your words after thinking of all related angles and probable reactions of others.
  • Have flexibility in your thinking, decisions and actions as per the situation.
  • Extend possible support either moral or monetary. 
  • Be ready to listen positive or negative feedback.
  • Share happiness. 
  • Have courage to say no for betterment of relationship to ensure less damage in relationship.

Saidarshan Ghodake, 
Manager-HR, Amtek group of Companies.

My password to enriched and empowered life is Humanity and Honesty...
My Keys:
I am always true to myself.
Patience, confidence, will power 
Trust on God, transparency in relationship.
Express views boldly and courageously. 
Unstoppable efforts till achieve the target 
Using power of subconscious mind through various ways... 

Bandu Kumbhar
Manager-HR Mahindra Logistics

My password to enriched and empowered life.          
  • Always be positive. Though there are lots of negativity around us, one should be always look positive side.                
  • Have a company of good, honest, positive and passionate people.          
  • Always respect others and try to listen them carefully. Remember, always there is second side of coin.                
  • Don't worry about your past. Learn from past and live in present. Don't regret about what happened. 
  • Always learn new knowledge, adapt new skills and update about what is happening around. 
  • Don't expect that always you will be successful.  
  • Always read new books. 
  • Never, never give up 👆. 
  • Don't forget your family 👪 and maintain work life balance. 
  • Last but not the least, trust yourself. 

Prashant Ithape
Head-HR, Group Antolin

For me password of life is "Live in a moment”. All goals, all achievements are to be set to make oneself feel successful and happy, but most of the time after reaching to goals, we realized that we have missed lot of good moments. So just to run and participate in race, I feel to enjoy the each moment. Just live in it and give the best what you can. Because I don't like to live like a horse but want to live life like butterfly who keeps his senses alive for colour, fragrance and vision to embrace life.

Vandana Kumbhar
Manager-HR, Oilmax Sustems Pvt Ltd.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Dear All,

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