Friday, October 02, 2009

Ramrao & Astrologer

I was born in a remote village in Vidarbha, near Amaravati district. The village was typical as shown in Marathi movies, beautiful, but backward. The transport and communication facilities were limited and we had only one black and white TV set in the village own by Patil of the village.

I studied there upto my 10th standard and then I shifted at Nashik for higher education.

In our village, notorious dada, name Ramrao was staying with his family. He was involved in organized and unorganized crime like smuggling of cotton to nearest State, Madhya Pradesh. He uses to fight with everybody. Villagers were scared to him.

One day, one astrologer, who was a regular visitor in our village came and put his shop under the banyan tree near our school. Ramrao was coming from nearby Taluka place on cycle. He saw the astrologer and decided to make a fun of him. He stopped there and asked the astrologer, “Hey, if you are astrologer and knows the fate of people, why you are here, don’t you know your fate?”

“I know my fate and I have to stay with that, but I can tell your fate” astrologer replied.

“Tell me, where I will be after one month” Asked Ramrao.

“Come here, I will tell you, just sit down”, astrologer asked him to sit.

Astrologer saw his palm; he asked him date of birth, asked all details and finally draw Kundali on the paper.

“Believe me or not, you will not see the sun in next month’s first Monday” astrologer told Ramrao. Ramrao got shocked and asked once again, “What? Are you kidding?”

“No my boy, I am not kidding, I don’t know, it will happened or not, but the calculations, I made say you will not see the sun of Monday in next month in this village”.

Ramrao thought a while and gave eleven rupees to astrologer and left the place.

He went home, gave Rs. 10 to his 5 year son and 8 year daughter and asked them to get chocolates for them. Both kids were surprised by the gesture of their father. He went into the kitchen and asked her how she is. Wife also got surprised, because Ramarao never care before his wife and children.

From that day the life of Ramrao’s wife and children changed. Ramrao understood his fate. He stopped fighting. He started to give the respect to elders. As a result people also started to reciprocate the gesture.

Remarkable change in Ramrao’s behavior changed the life of villagers.

After one month, he saw the same astrologer in nearby village. He went to him.
“How do you feel?” Astrologer asked.
“You told me that I will die on first Monday of next month, this is Monday and I am alive””
“First tell me how is life now?””

“It is good and really good, I am happy, people think me now as a good person” Ramrao replied. “The death was on my head. I was just planning to do something may family and decided to be good with people to earn some “Punya”. I was thinking only my death. It made me change”

“Ramraobhau, see how the life is good. Now continue this good life” said astrologer, “But that day I didn’t tell you that you will die, I told you that you will not see the sun of first Monday in next month in your village. What does it mean? Today is the Monday, and you are here in different village” Astrologer and Ramrao laughed loudly.

Think, you will die in next month and do good deeds.


Unknown said...

Excellent One Sir!!!

Priti Kapoor said...

Nice Article. Will love to read such article in future. Motivating and Inspiring. Great Work :)

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