Friday, October 09, 2009

Joy of giving

Two years ago, I use to take my son to bus stop for his KG school in the morning. There was lot of fun on bus stop with his friends.

One day, we saw a mid aged man sleeping at the corner of the street, just back of the bus stop. Nobody notices the poor man. After few days, the man made a little shelter with the help of some plastics material.

After few days, we saw the man cleaning the area outside his little shelter. The man was settled there.

One fine morning, my son asked me, “Pappa, why this man is staying here?”

“Beta, he must be alone in this world and he is poor, he can not afford to buy a house in the city.” I replied. “Ok, it must be very hard for him to survive during such winter” he spoke looking towards that man. “Yes” I replied.

“Then papa, why don’t we give him one rug which we are not using at all?” he innocently asked me.

I replied,”Yes, we will do?”

Next day, Dhanashri, my wife handed over the rug to poor man. The man was very happy and gave his blessings to my son.

After few days, I saw one old lady beggar who pulled the same rug. I asked the poor man, “It seems that you have given that rug to that old lady.”

“Saab, I saw that lady last month and she needed it more than me in such cold winter this year. I can manage myself.” He smiled.

I was surprised by the attitude of that person. He has easily given the thing which probably he also needed.

That day I realized the richness of the poor and the importance of “Joy of giving”.
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Riddhi Doshi - President - ODP Club said...


Amazing article indeed!!! Joy of giving applies to everything, say it be things, knowledge, or something else. I fully agree with you!!!

Vinod Bidwaik said...

Thanks. You put a valid point. Joy of giving applies everwhere and evrything.

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