Friday, September 24, 2010

Dedication, commitment, passion and emotions….

With heavy heart, we bid adieu to the Ganapati Bappa, the god of wisdom on Thursday. Every idol of this God is very cute. When you see in his eyes, your mind relaxes.

Idol maker puts his heart to make the beautiful idol. He does not make the idol only for earning money. Making the idol is life for him. He pours the passion and emotion in it and give the birth to the mind-blowing art. Importantly, he loves to do that. That is the only reason, when the idol is immersed, he looses their heart.

When I saw this picture in daily Sakaal, prominent Marathi daily in Maharashtra, I was amazed by his dedication and commitment.

Seen in the picture is Prashant Nimaje, an artist who created the Ganapati idol. He could not stop tears when the idol was taken for immersion. (Picture

He deserves applaud for his passion.

Don’t you think that we are also like this artist in professional life? However we do not break our heart when we dedicate our work to the organization. The question is about passion, dedication and commitment.

Are we dedicated, passionate, committed to our craft?

Friday, September 17, 2010

I just wanted to do that !

Thanks a lot friends...

My first post,, was published exactly one year back. I was not sure about regular contribution on the blog. Writing regularly and consistently is really a challenge. There are lots of though but the question is how to put on the paper.

My son, Atharva, now in 2nd standard, wakes up early in the morning everyday, catches his bus around 6.45 am and returns back at 2.45 pm. After busy day in school, he takes his food and goes to play and at 4.00 pm goes for the tuition. He takes time to play with friends for one hour after the tuition with lot of body activities. His energy level is tremendous. My wife always asks him, “How do you  make this? Don’t you exhaust?”

His answer is same, “yes, I get tired, but just I want to do this all.” My inspiration is this. I just wanted to write once in a week and update the blog.

Readers of this blog are always humble and great inspiration to me. They take all efforts to make this blog popular (off course, not like celebrity blogs) among professionals. Their comments, suggestions, critical feedback always help me to improve.

Thanks for that and all!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh boss, help me to stay here!

I always surprise why all HR related matters are placed on HR table. Off course, it is the responsibility of HR to look into all HR related matters. But most of the times, HR is not responsible for all HR related issues. Employees work with their team and line manager for more than 8 hours. The real issues are with this. Most of the times their line managers are responsible for HR issues in the organization.

You must have identified few reasons during exit interviews. The list goes like this:

a) Compensation
b) Learning opportunities
c) More responsibilities
d) Organizational Culture
e) Employer Brand.

There can be other factors apart from this. The exit interviews are conducted by some junior HR person, mostly getting filled the exit interview format.

When I had grilled such employees, most of the times, the reasons which I find which nobody wanted to put officially are as under:

Relationship with bosses:

The fact of the life is bitter and compensation is definitely important. But when any employee decides to change the job as per the market he gets 25-30% rise on his current CTC. And the cases I have seen most of the times are not the compensation. It is the boss, line managers who are responsible for the attrition.

New learning opportunities is the another reason employees tell. The programmer ends up doing the same job what he was doing in his earlier company. The maintenance engineer gets the title of Executive Maintenance, not adding any further value to his personality. Off course every experience is the learning.

Employees are like elephants. They remember and they act. You need to manage them properly. Sometimes, employees need emotional support. When you takes extra care of new employee and ignores old employee, he get hurts. Logically new employees struggle to create their position in the organization and hence may be more effective than old employees. But most of the managers favour this behaviour and give more weightage to the. The “left out feeling” creates dissatisfaction.

Generally speaking, when any employee leaves the organization, he assumes that he is going to get 4 more things in new company assuming that 10 things what he is getting here will also be available in new company. But when he joins there, he comes to know that yes he is getting 4 more things, but missing almost 4 another things which he was getting in his earlier company. 4 things, which can be more important in totality. That can be respect, culture, challenges, and even may be other benefits.

When line manger and off course HR will be able to gauge these factors, attrition can have little impact.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sucess factors to break DAHI HANDI...........

If you are staying in Maharashtra and especially in Mumbai, you must have gone to see the “Dahi Handi”. It is wonderful and mind blowing experience to see fabulous human towers and excellent team co-ordination among them. All are focus towards one Goal- To break the Dahi Handi.

We have so many dreams and wishes in our mind. How to achieve the dream is the question. When we give the timeline and adopt some methodology, understand the success factors, the dreams can be converted into goals. If you add the efforts to that you achieve your goals.

Dahi Handi is the goal for team. Consider it as a metophore for your goals. Different people have different Dahi Handi for them. Students must be thinking to score good marks; somebody may dream to get good job; promotions and good increment. Everybody wants to break their dream Dahi Handi.
Here is the method and success factors for achieving the Dahi Handi.

Enjoy the different perspective of the team and team skills.

How the homogeneous team break the Dahi Handi?

Following are aspects of their team skills:

If you want to achieve your goal, you need to take the risk. All team members take the risk by making human towers.

Take a risk, but do not be blind. Rehearse and keep balance.

You need to keep in mind the synergy and coordination. They can not afford the lack of synergy and coordination.

Manpower Planning and right person at right job:
Proper use of resources. If fat guy climbs to break the Dahi handi, what will happen? Will they be able to get that?

Supporting each other and accommodating others is the key for success.

See the confidence of all team members. They can not touch the sky without confidence.

Audience is cheering them. All are eager to know what will happen next. But all team members have their eye on their Goal.

Strong hands make the strong foundation.

There are hundred hands to support to these guys if something goes wrong.


Breaking the Dahi handi is the success. But all are together. Different team members come together for this. They form, they discuss the strategy, they practice, they use the strength of different people and finally they achieve the goal. Sense of achievement is big.

If team could not get that done, they go back, introspect and prepare for the next year.

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