Friday, September 24, 2010

Dedication, commitment, passion and emotions….

With heavy heart, we bid adieu to the Ganapati Bappa, the god of wisdom on Thursday. Every idol of this God is very cute. When you see in his eyes, your mind relaxes.

Idol maker puts his heart to make the beautiful idol. He does not make the idol only for earning money. Making the idol is life for him. He pours the passion and emotion in it and give the birth to the mind-blowing art. Importantly, he loves to do that. That is the only reason, when the idol is immersed, he looses their heart.

When I saw this picture in daily Sakaal, prominent Marathi daily in Maharashtra, I was amazed by his dedication and commitment.

Seen in the picture is Prashant Nimaje, an artist who created the Ganapati idol. He could not stop tears when the idol was taken for immersion. (Picture

He deserves applaud for his passion.

Don’t you think that we are also like this artist in professional life? However we do not break our heart when we dedicate our work to the organization. The question is about passion, dedication and commitment.

Are we dedicated, passionate, committed to our craft?

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