Friday, September 17, 2010

I just wanted to do that !

Thanks a lot friends...

My first post,, was published exactly one year back. I was not sure about regular contribution on the blog. Writing regularly and consistently is really a challenge. There are lots of though but the question is how to put on the paper.

My son, Atharva, now in 2nd standard, wakes up early in the morning everyday, catches his bus around 6.45 am and returns back at 2.45 pm. After busy day in school, he takes his food and goes to play and at 4.00 pm goes for the tuition. He takes time to play with friends for one hour after the tuition with lot of body activities. His energy level is tremendous. My wife always asks him, “How do you  make this? Don’t you exhaust?”

His answer is same, “yes, I get tired, but just I want to do this all.” My inspiration is this. I just wanted to write once in a week and update the blog.

Readers of this blog are always humble and great inspiration to me. They take all efforts to make this blog popular (off course, not like celebrity blogs) among professionals. Their comments, suggestions, critical feedback always help me to improve.

Thanks for that and all!


Ganesh Kulkarni said...

Very true. If children can manage their energy levels for the whole day, why not us?
Congrats for 1st year and all the best!

Triveni said...

Dear Sir,

Congrats for successfully completing one year

I am aregular reader of your blog & your articles realy help me a lot

Keep on writing & let others like me get the benefit of your knowledge

All the best

Thansk & Regards

Rashmi Singh said...

Its all that childrens cells are growing with every sec while ours are degenerating.These growing cells provide enormous energy to children due to which which they take double the time we elderly take to get exhaust.

Anonymous said...

Heartiest Congratulations Vinod.

I feel this should be translated in Marathi. Marathi newspapers today need a well written articles giving tips on management thoughts. Do you need any help for this column to be published in any marathi newspaper? I can speak with some editors.

Hope to see your Marathi blog too very soon. All the best wishes for your love vith the pen (or the key board in this case).


Abhijit Mulye

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

Congratulations for successful year.

Anonymous said...

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Subodh Malpani said...

Hi Vinod

Belated Good Wishes on the completion of one year !

Happy and inspiring blogging !

Keep up the good work !

Subodh Malpani

Manish Patil said...

Cheers, Keep it up sir...

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