Saturday, October 03, 2020

Think before quitting the job

Vishakha has her aspirations, her manager was supporting her in her development. She was also nominated for the global development programme. However, she was missing something, and she thought it was not enough. She was expecting quick promotion. She decided to quit the job. She thought that she has required competencies and will get the better position in the market. No doubt she got that, but she realized that the job is not what she was looking for. She was missing the company culture, manager’s support, the progressive mindset of peers and development opportunities. She quit that job also.

Sometimes impulsive decisions about job change harm the career. It is always good to take the proactive approach before the frustration is built.

Pranay was a performing employee and his manager was happy with him.  However, his salary increase was not what he was expecting for the last 2 years. He thought that the company didn't care about him. He got a good salary hike and joined another company. Within 2-3 months, he realized that he got a good salary hike, but the culture and development opportunities were missing. There were few benefits which he assumed were there, but it was totally a bureaucratic organization.       

It is observed that while quitting the job and joining another organization, we may get the sense of achieving more and getting something extra which is missing in the current organization. However, by doing this, we may get a few extra but may miss few vital which you were enjoying. For example, you get a salary increase, but then realize the culture is the problem or manager is difficult. Of course, totally depend upon your priorities.       

If you are stuck up, if you are totally frustrated and if you think that you have reached a glass ceiling in your current role and organization, then you can think of exploring new opportunities. Changing jobs and getting something new is always good. This also required the courage. You really need to be a risk taker. 

Adventures are good but then decide those adventures are worth trying. Before taking such decision, 

  • Evaluate your company culture, people around the organization and your relationship with the team and peers.
  • Also evaluate your company’s financial situation, movement of key people in the organization, impact of regular turbulences (recession, covid19 etc) on the organization and the behaviour of the organization (leadership team) during such crucial periods.  
  • Your role in the organization and future opportunities.
  • Learning & development opportunities provided by your manager. Sometimes employees need some time before taking the next step. 
  • In the following circumstance be sure that your manager and company are investing in you for your future and they are developing you for the next role.
    • If you are nominated different local and global development programmes. 
    • If you are assigned for different cross functional projects. 
    • If you get visibility during leadership meetings,
    • If you get the opportunity to speak with HR or leadership team members time to time. 
  • And finally ask the question, is the organization is purpose driven and performance focused with people orientation.

In spite of having this all, if you are frustrated deep dive why you are frustrated in the current job. Sometimes it is just the lack of reflection and insight.       

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MAYU said...

Really though provoking article, Sir.

Anurag Jain said...

Thanks for great insight and it's always debatable. In L& T many people are working last 30-40 years and grew but for others it could be a change of role, territory, function, industry and bosses . So individual mindset and risk taking ability counts . I have worked with Atlas Copco followed by Metso minerals in sales and learnt a lot in both organisation and working under different bosses . When you change organization,you have more richer and broader experience and outlook towards problem solving & people management. Vinod Bidwaik

Lalita Vasu said...

Liked the way you’ve dwelled upon an important topic.

Purbha Bhattacharya said...

Great insight!

Mayur Gaikwad said...

Really thought provoking article.

Anonymous said...

to be on progrssive route one need to take risk and move ahead. have to accept challenges then only will be able to achieve your goals.

Supriya Gore said...

Thought provoking

Really due to lack of awareness about such risks

In sentimental ,immature decision may lead to regret in future

Thanks for sharing

Avdhut Musale said...

You have touched upon the crucial topic, much-needed article! It will surely help us in career development.

Avdhut Musale said...

You have touched upon the crucial topic, much-needed article! It will surely help us in career development.

Ravindra Patil said...

Very nice 👍

Pratik said...

Nice explanation

Neeraj Kumar said...

Great Thoughts sir. You have given a different viewpoint for the aspirants like us. Changing jobs so quickly is not the solution for getting your desired role and promotion.

Preet Phuskele said...

I have noticed.... Sometime people over react and take decision of quite without thinking of benefits of continuing and consequences of quitting .... some times... overreact due to problems in personal life...

MVS said...

Good one Vinod.

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