Saturday, October 04, 2014

What is the source of your energy?

Lots of people ask me the common question, “how do you get the time to write blog, column in newspaper & magazines, going to colleges for interaction. How you do all this stuff?”. My simple answer is “I received the tremendous energy by doing so. This energy is necessary to do my job effectively at office. So by doing this, if I am gaining something, I have to take out some time. Perhaps, I manage my time effectively to accommodate such activities.”

People need energy to live the life fulfilling. Energy doesn't mean only physical energy, it is also related to mental energy. The status of mind created to do the tasks effectively. How many times, we think on our energy source?     
Sources of energy are different for different people. These energy sources may be as under:

  1. Goal achievement: Some people are very happy when they achieve their targets /goals in their life or at job. For them this sense of achievement itself is a source of energy. 
  2. Hobbies: Some people focus on their hobbies. I know few friends who are pursuing their hobbies further like music, dancing, acting, gardening, tracking, mountaineering  etc. One of my colleagues, teaches Persian Language in Universities. People get the energy by doing this and they are happy to do so. When they come at the office, they equally focus on their tasks.
  3. Interacting with people: Some people are very extrovert. They like meeting new people, networking, associating with people. Meeting and interacting people is the solid source of network for them. 
  4. Touring, vacations: Some people like to go on vacations regularly. This may be one or two time activity for them, but this lasts for next 6 months for them. 
  5. Social Work: One of my friends is associated with NGO. He spends his time with social activities. He usually tells that he gets satisfaction by doing so and whole week he is energized. 

There are people whose energy sources is partying, gossiping etc. This helps them to be energetic during the whole week or month. 

Sometimes, we are not much aware about our energy sources, in that case, it is the time to just relax  and think… “What are that few things… by doing that, I get the sense of satisfaction, rewarding feel and by doing so I get energized?” I am sure you will definitely get some source of your energy… then?…Just do it… 

Organizational Context: In organizations, you will find different people whose energy sources are also different. If they get some energy from something and if it is aligned with your organizational values, you can also design the talent management plan & employee engagement plan as per the energy sources of people. As a line manager, identify energy sources of your team and encourage them to follow the sources… you will definitely get more productivity from your employees.  

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