Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let me check your horoscope.....

I was negotiating the package with the candidate. After discussion, I agreed on specific amount. He did some calculations, and finally requested me to add Rs. 98 in the gross salary. I asked him the reason, “My lucky number is 9 and with this addition, I will get the same number.” He replied.

Every human being is superstitious, level varies. Few years back, few companies started to check horoscopes during recruitment process. Once we were seating in the board room. Top boss of the company was explaining his expectations from HR. He mentioned that “We should have the system of checking horoscope of candidates.” Somebody asked, “How authentic it is? If any bright candidate’s horoscope does not match, will you reject him on that ground?”
“No, if there are two candidates, both are bright and fit in the role and you have to shortlist only one, then you can use the horoscope to match with the company.” He replied, “After all your psychometric tests do the same job.”

Once my colleague came to me and told, the candidate is asking her to arrange an interview on Friday after 11.30 am sharp. He was insisting on this specially. We called this candidate and I took him in my office at sharp 11.30 am. During the interview, I asked him the reason. “Sir, my father is amateur astrologer, he insisted me to give this interview after 11.30 am. I have to respect him.” The candidate could not get shortlisted not due to this reasons.

Once we decided to perform the Pooja in office. I got the reference of one Guruji, who performs the Pooja. He came to see me in my office. I was not surprised when he presented his visiting card, but I surprised when I saw the details on the card. He was working as “Chief Poojari” for one organization. I asked him more about this. “The Managing Director of the company is very religious person. He believed vastu shatra and all other rituals. He introduces new product on the dates recommended by the Guruji. They had the members on panel like Guruji, Vastu shatra expert and they get monthly remuneration from the company.

I think most of us believe some small rituals like Pooja and following certain customs. But above examples can be the height of belief in itself.


Ajay Tanwar said...

Yes, It is absolutely true. One of my cousine also help / work for many industrialists or businessman. He do some calculations and tell to the clients the right MUHURT of starting activities, business decisions.

Dinesh Divekar said...

Dear Vinod,

I have read post of your blog. What you have not covered is current trend of changing spelling of the name to suit the stars. By changing the spelling of one's name, it is believed that brings good luck!

Where goes our scientific thinking? The challenge with the corporates is that thought they promote creative thinking, the other half of the creative thinking that is critical thinking they do not promote.

Critical thinking is basis of life. It is far more important that creative thinking. You need not be creative but you must know how to think critically. The problem with the critical thinking is that it will start challenging business leaders' assumptions, beliefs, thinking and so on. So the best way is to look other way round. Promote creativity - play safe!

Though I am not socialist, I regret their decline. In the preceding generation at least someone from the political quarters had courage to raise their voice against these practices. Prominent ones from your area were Mrinal Gore, Mohan Dharia, George Fernandes (though later he moved on to national level).

But today in political quarters no one is there who can challenge the assumptions of the society.


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Limit of your words is limit of your world.

AMAR said...

I do agree that such things do make us feel funny. But I feel its that "belief" which makes people achieve things. If one feels that by doing certain thing in a certain way is going to bring him success, then better let him do. Instead asking him to take a path which he is not confident of, this method works i guess. Afterall what we need is a little adjustments.
All of us are only working to achieve a goal. Means may vary, as long as they are not harmful or unwanted.


Bhagyada said...

Dear Sir,

Whatever experience you have shared is really a height.

But as an Astrologer I feel like Astrology, Numerology & all other branches of Astrology has a numerical base. It helps us to know positive, negative & favorable & unfavorable things.

We perform some rituals & pooja, Astrology helps us to know which kind of ritual & pooja is favorable for us at that time & it would get positive results which we want.

If we use Astrology for guidance it definitely helps us.
Its totally depend upon our approach how to use this science. We can use numerology at the time of interview; it will definitely helps us to know more about candidates positive & negatives. We can ask questions accordingly & judge a candidate.

Every science has positive & negative sides. Use positive side & get good results.


Vinod Bidwaik said...

Dear All,

Follow the link for interesting discussion on this topic.


Vinod Bidwaik

LRPKP said...

Yes, it is true to some extent, but i believe most of us follow this, when there are no chances left over. All these come into picture when one has lost or failed in their attempts.....but again its perception and varies from individual to individual.

Unknown said...

Hi Vinod,

Very intersting article.Many times these beliefs are associated with person's moral. According to these people doing certain thing on specified time OR Mhurat would yield positive results.Doing certain thing on which beliefs contribute to virtuous behavior? But of course excess of anything is bad again.

Unknown said...

Hi Vinod,

Very intersting article. I believe many times these reliogis beliefs are associated with person's moral.They strongly & sometimes blindly believe that doing certain thing on specified time/Muhurt would yeild good results for them. These beliefs contribute to virtuous behavior? Beliefs are not the only mental states worth mentioning – desires and emotions are also incredibly important to virtuous behavior.In other words, which beliefs can they form to make it more likely that they act virtuously in the future. But excess of anything is bad again.

Unknown said...

Hello Guru Ji, Thanks for sharing this such a great article on Vastu Shastra

SubhaVaastu said...

I am truly impressed by the details which you have provided regarding Vastu Shastra It is an interesting article for me as well as for others. Thanks for sharing such articles here.

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