Saturday, April 23, 2011

Your “psychic ability”…

“You are psychic. You should have foreseen the issue.” One boss was firing his sub-ordinate on one issue. Bosses always expect something without making expectations clear. Subordinate was also arguing with the boss and boss did not like the argument.
“Everyone is psychic sir. I am psychic, but you also are a psychic. Still you are firing me without understanding the issue and reasons behind the same.” subordinate answered.
“What do you mean, everybody is the psychic? Don’t forget your year end review is in next month” Boss blasted.
“Sir, what psychic means? It means supernatural, it means extrasensory. If we consider the fact that we have analytical skills, we also can foresee the problems and take action to resolve the issue and develop the psychic ability.”
“Hallo, analytical skill is different, psychic ability is different. If you think that you can find out the solution, go and find out the solution.” Boss laughed.

Everyone is psychic. Some people are more so than others and every one of us possesses this ability. You do. I do. And we can further develop, train, and direct, what we already possess. . . expand our psychic potential until every measure of our lives is vastly improved.
What extraordinary people do? They use their psychic ability and find out the solution. They make it practical and usable.  Scientist says that we use less than 10% of our brain power. We have conscious and subconscious mind and most of the time subconscious mind gives you some messages. You take some decisions base on some messages. We do not analyze the data objectively always. But still you are successful. Great businessmen use this power. Somebody may call it “intuitive” thinking.

Every psychic ability, you've ever heard of is but an enhanced version of what is normal and typical for each member of the human race. The question is, “is it possible to improve your psychic ability.” The answer is yes. The requisites is “first and foremost, a positive attitude. . . plus the ability to relax and imagine and trust.

Psychic abilities allow us to access multiple layers of information, and sometimes simultaneously. And they enable us to reach that wellspring of inner knowingness which resides in the deeper depths of our being. Our intent, that directive force of our attitudes and beliefs, determines the type of results we can achieve. once we accept our psychic potential and begin the process of developing this inner resource. As with any other talent, practice makes perfect - use establishes value.

Developing your innate psychic abilities is one of the best investments you can make in creating a better future for yourself. The fact that you are reading this article tells me you are ready to take this positive step forward. So let's begin - right now!

What follows are the four basics necessary to improve and expand your psychic potential. They are: a positive attitude, the ability to relax, imagine, and trust.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are you hiring overqualified candidates?

“Sir, I understand that there is a position of Assistant to CEO position. Can I apply for the same?”
“Why? You are not happy with your current job?”
“No sir, I don’t like this job, it is like a salesgirl job. I have to go in the market and sale the product. It is very embarrassing for me.”
“But you knew that this is sales job, when you join the organization. If you don’t understand the market, how will you understand the business?”
“True sir, but….”
This was a conversation between management trainee and HR manager.

We hire MBAs to sell insurance products, customer support and for jobs which can be done by B Com graduates.  We hire BE for the maintenance job. We hire Graduates and diplomas for the position of machine operators and so on…

Hiring overqualified people for the position is the main reason behind big attrition. In management institutes and so called business colleges, they are taught management, strategy, blah blah blah, but, at the end of the day they have to work on shop floor, on the ground of the market. Management students have different perception about their career and job. Industry expectations are different. If you hire bright talent, your business will grow. But who is responsible for developing the talent. Management schools (except top few) don’t teach them business.

In certain states of India, qualification is the mockery. They don’t go in schools and still get the degrees. When you hire these students just have a look whether they have done it full time or just through distance course. It is applicable for graduation also.

“If I get diploma or graduates in same salary why should I hire under-qualified candidate for operating machines and testing in lab as per the SoP? And I call them associate! I can fire them anytime.” One more misconception among industry people.   

I personally feel (and you will agree with me) that the person should be the exact match for the position. If you do so, you will have at least some control on attrition.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Inspiration! Underprivileged children, visually impaired girls, common man and Anna Hazare

Underprivileged children, visually impaired girls, common man and Anna Hazare

Back to our colony, is an open space. Sometimes, families of pot vendors take halt at night there. They have different members in their families including kids. And when I see them from the window, I always surprise the way they survive. The poor kids get brick or old tyre. One sits on the same and other pools. They enjoy the ride. They are poor. They do not have costly toys, but they find out the way to enjoy their life.

Our company (DSM India) believes on corporate social responsibility. Our employees also believe on their social obligations. As a part of CSR activities, company has a tie up with World Food Programme of United Nations. There are other activities where employees participate actively. Recently we adopted one school for visually impaired girls at Alandi, near Pune. These girls are abandoned by their family members. This school is run by blinds for blinds.

They are cheerful and happy. Every year 20-30 girls are admitted in the residential school. Children do not have footwear to wear. They do not have enough cloths, uniforms; they do not have enough sources for running the school. But still children appear for SSC examination and the result is 100%. They do not have regrets. They enjoyed the life and find out the ways to engage themselves. These girls have same feelings as we have. They like Sachin Tendulkar. They enjoy world cup and they also contribute to the society by donating the money which they earn from selling the handmade crafts and candles. They also enjoy the joy of giving.

One thing children certainly accomplish, and that is that they love and wonder at the people and the universe around them. They live in the midst of squalor and confusion and see it now. They see people at the moment and love them and admire them. They forgive and they go on loving. They may look at the most vicious person, and if he is at that moment good and kind and doing something that they can be interested in or admire, there they are, pouring out their hearts to him. There is no criticism in their minds and hearts of those around them.

Most importantly, they do not curse their fate. They live the life in true sense. All these children are inspiration to us. I salute these amazing kids.

PS: While writing this blog, the news of victory on government by common man lead by Anna Hazare came. Anna Hazare, 76 year old “youth” is a new youth icon and role model for new generation. People want actions and they become active if somebody like Anna Hazare energizes them. Now the time has come to join the movement.       

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Creativity & innovation

Creativity and innovation is the key to survive in competitive world. There are organizations which are establishing their innovation centers in India. In fact professional companies are focusing on sustainability and trying to introduce green products. It requires innovation. These both words are the buzz words now a day. In manufacturing companies innovation is more relevant in term of product development. However, for being successful professional, you need to find out creative ways to engage your audience and customer.

What led Edison to light up our lives? What allowed DaVinci to accomplish so much in such different fields? How was Gates able to develop the Windows program? How can we be more creative and innovative? We can do it by learning to cultivate our creativity, another key success factor.
Creativity is the ability to generate ideas, to see opportunities where others see only problems, to break out of the limiting boxes of our traditional way of thinking and to do something more original, quick, effective, profitable, aesthetic, functional, practical, productive or ecological. Innovation is the ability to transform these ideas into goods, products and services that meet the needs of a specific market; our challenge is to become creative and innovative.
It’s not just for artists. Although creativity is considered a quality related mostly with the arts and culture due to its obvious connection with painting, sculpture, writing and drama, this skill is also crucial in the business, academic and political sectors. Everyone needs a certain amount of creativity to succeed.

To be creative, we do not need to be geniuses. Creativity is within reach for all of us.
We first need to prepare ourselves. We must have the knowledge, attitudes and skills required to be creative. We must know how to generate ideas and must have the desire to generate them, demonstrating that desire when we encounter a problem or a conflict situation.
We can be creative at home, in decorating our houses, preparing a new dish, designing spaces or organizing activities for our families. We can be creative at work, generating new procedures, new ways of doing things, new products or new services. We can be creative in society, finding better ways to live together, finding original solutions to problems that arise in our community.
Break out of the Box
Here are some of the ways from creativity experts:
  • Take a course or workshop on creativity. Learn what motivates you to want to be creative.
  • Change your normal daily routine to stimulate mental, emotional and physical flexibility.
  • Use colors and images in your note-taking and communications. Colors and figures stimulate your imaginative mental processes. Use the mind map technique to generate ideas.
  • When you encounter a problem, ask yourself, “What is the solution that I am not seeing?”
  • Ask others. People who are outside a critical situation can usually see things that we don’t, so they are able to see alternate solutions.
  • Play another role. How would you solve this problem if you were a homemaker, an investigator, a mechanic, a pilot, or a doctor? Changing your role forces you to think in a different way and to consider new options.
  • Learn to play. Play establishes the mental and emotional conditions needed to produce ideas.
  • We have defined creativity as a skill that can be learned. We have seen that creativity is not only for artists, but also for educators, business people and executives. We have learned how to initiate the simple, but effective process of basically exercising our creativity. Now we only need the humility to learn more about this magic function of the brain and the courage to dare to act

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