Friday, November 20, 2009

I know but I won’t write. I won’t write because I don’t want to commit.

I encountered with the new marketing head of one of the new business verticals, “We need to finalize the KRAs of your team.” I suggested him.

“We don’t need KRAs. If we design the KRAs, they will not do other work. They will focus only on KRAs and not routine work which we need to do everyday” He replied.

“What? You don’t need KRAs, then how your team members will be aware about their deliverable.” I told him. He preferred to keep silent.

“KRAs are the end result of your job/activities you performed, they comes from your job itself my dear friend.” I told him.

Most of the time, people are careless about setting the goals for their team members. They said it is already there but not willing to write on the paper.

Once I asked to one advertisement manager about his department targets. He told me the sales figure. I asked, “What about receivables?” He was unable to reply. I asked if he had any written target. "No It is on our mind", he replied.

Then I asked about the team targets. “We don’t have the targets for team.” How can the organization run without defining deliverables?

I asked to write the goals on paper. “No, we don’t do this” was the answer.

Then I realized that though he was doing well, he was not willing to write because when you write something, then you give the commitment of the written goals and nobody wants to give the commitment.

It was very hard to push them for writing KRAs and targets, Managers were not happy, but team was happy with this. They shared, “Boss was just asking us to generate the business daily, monthly, but our life was depend upon him. We did not know what is our destination at the end of year.”

After six months when we sat to review the process, I realized that team members were more happy as they were aware about clear-cut expectations from the bosses.

“Earlier, we did not know where to go; today at least we know what the basis of our evaluation is”, they responded.

The people were more focused and committed to their goals.

People don’t achieve what they wish because they don’t commit themselves. If you don’t write your goals, the goals will be dreams only.

Write down your goals. Write down daily, monthly, yearly objectives. Writing means committing something yourself. If you commit, you achieve. It is applicable in your personal life also.


Anonymous said...

I have only word for you sir. Excellent and genius. I am not your cheerleader sir.

Pravesh Mehata

Petal said...

Nice one...Vinod

I dnt understand Y in an organisation HR is a vertical people think is mend to impose rules.. they should understand that we are their business parners

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

Very true,A person without goal is like a ship without destination.


Durga Moghe said...


It was a gr8 achievement there to think on goals and assessing over it.

It was a Good start.... It would be better if it would have geared up...

Anyways , it helped me in other fields also... Thanks for this angle of thinking...

Sanjay Rahi said...

vinod sir. Great thoughts. Keep writing.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with the write-up, it’s my personal experience. After my graduation I prepared list of my short term goal. When I was writing the goal I was not very much sure for its fulfillment. But as I putted in writing it always remember me what the next, and it relay works and I completed it because it’s become commitment for me.  

Well written

Vinod Bidwaik said...

Dear All,

Thanks for your kind words. I have personal experience in this. My wife writes everything she would like to do in a week/month. She always achieved everything. Writing and posting at visible place is the write way to achive your objectives.

Vipul Agarwal said...

It is said that one should have a small cue card on which one should write a short term goals on one side and long term goals on the other. The goals should be clearly articulated along with a reasonable time frame. Keep this card in your wallet and look at it once in a while. It 'will' help you. Automatically, you will take steps towards reaching those goals.

Sudha said...

You are amazing vinod Sir. I fully agree with the content. Thanks for article

sanjayrakecha said...

Dear Vinodji
I must congrates u for the good artical. people having no goal, they have no vision.Always set something to do in daily life. Pl.sprade ur message to all professionals for better development.


Sanjay Rakecha said...

Dear Vinodji

Very good artical, i must congrates you. We are following the same & result are very positive .


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