Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Leadership Competencies required for managers while handling crisis situations

 Dear Professional Colleagues,

I am pursuing my Ph. D. research on “Leadership Competencies required for managers while handling crisis situations.” from D. Y. Patil University, Ambi, Pune. 

Corona Pandemic was an unique situation where employees and managers were not aware how to handle the crisis, however, still everybody was able to manage the situation. Managers had to demonstrate different behaviors to manage the team & manage the business. My research focuses on identifying those competencies and behaviors demonstrated by managers during the pandemic crisis and developing the leadership model which will be beneficial for professionals at large to use in any types of crisis situations.

You are requested to spend your valuable time and respond to the survey below. I will be happy to share the findings after the research. 

The link is as under. Please click on below link or copy paste in the browser. 


Best Regards,

Vinod Bidwaik

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Game of your life

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In this changing world you don’t know what is there in the future but you can predict the future. We travel through life looking for success.  If we consider life as a game, We all have that choice to create a new kind of game to survive regardless of what others are doing. You can create your rules based on your values to win, you can make your strategies and design your success through your objectives and actions, however it is important to be flexible to redefine the game. 

Everybody has the power to invent the game though we don’t realize it. We don’t need to follow someone else’s rules. Only one thing we need and that is “a beginner’s mind”. A beginner’s mind means having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level. How can you do it as we all have some assumptions and a lot of baggage?

Instead of following rules we need to create those. For that you need the eye of an artist. 
My wife (Read her blog here Art and Colours In Life) is an artist by heart and doctor by profession. She has created amazing artifacts and paintings. She has only siporex blocks, blank papers or canvases, random material required, that’s it. But she knows. 
  • that the block or blank page (or empty canvas) can become anything.
  • that any drawing can be changed, erased, or thrown out at any time.
  • how to step back and shape the picture until she is happy. 
So life is like that. You can create anything in your life. If required you can change the course of action, erase earlier learnings and change everything if required. 

Everybody has the opportunity to create a new game of life. The game should have promise. Promise to be successful and winner. Every player has the potential to win however it depends upon how you design your game. During this process, you may make yourself uncomfortable with yourself and others. You may get challenges. People may force you to change the rules of the game but understand it is your game, you make your strategies and rules, of course in an ethical way, you create the masterpiece  and then you say what’s next? 

(Opinions are purely personal & does not represent my organizations, current or past) 

Author's books are available on AmazonFlipkartPothi and BookGanga. You can buy the print copy of Vitality in Human Resources on amazon. Click >> Vitality in Human Resource: Adding human dimensions in HR processes    

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Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Industrial Relations

The context has been changed and hence goalpost needs to be changed too while dealing with unions and managing Industrial Relations. Please watch my interview in "Expert Talk". Link is here >>

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Managers, be a coach

Image: Representative image from internet

There are only fours dimensions which keeps employees with the organization and those are 

  • Relationship with Managers,
  • Culture of the organization
  • Career opportunities available,
  • Fair compensation and benefits,

You go to any organization, any country, every employee engagement survey revolves around these four dimensions. 

First dimension is more crucial as a manager is the person who contributes in the culture of the organization, developing an employee and influencing the management to have better compensation and benefits practices in the organization and explaining the logic behind merit increase every year. The priorities may change as per the age and experience demographics of the organization. Most of the managers except few top leaders, either are not empowered or trained to coach and mentor the team properly. Managers may not have all answers but they can help to reflect and get the answers. This is possible when managers start acting as coaches. As a coach managers can contribute to developing all above four dimensions. Research shows that coaching culture creates better employee engagement, higher productivity and better customer experience. 

Managers become leaders when they start coaching their employees. Coaching styles may be different as per the leadership and personality styles, but it definitely helps. Employees expect that their managers give them the feedback on how they are doing, what their development areas are and how they can do better in their day to day jobs. There are simple coaching tools managers can learn. Coaching is no longer a specialty. In the modern, super technical and competitive business world, forming a high performing team is necessary to be successful in the business. Essential imperative of creating a high performing team is a leader who is an excellent manager and a caring coach. 

If you are a manager, find some time to learn those skills; if you are the corporate leader, invest in managers to develop them as a coach. 

(Opinions are purely personal & does not represent my organizations, current or past) 

Author's book are available on AmazonFlipkartPothi and BookGanga. You can buy the print copy of Vitality in Human Resources on amazon. Click >> Vitality in Human Resource: Adding human dimensions in HR processes    

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