Thursday, February 08, 2024

Servant Leadership - Session with YIN Ministry

Recently, I had the privilege of engaging with the Shadow Ministry of Young Inspirators Network (YIN), an initiative by Sakal Media Group. We discussed the powerful concept of servant leadership.

In a lively exchange, we explored how servant leadership emphasizes empathy, listening, stewardship, and empowerment. It was inspiring to see the students' enthusiasm for leading with compassion and making a positive impact.

You can watch our insightful conversation on servant leadership in this Facebook Live video: Facebook Live

Sunday, December 31, 2023

Wish you all a Happy New Year

As we wave goodbye to a year that felt like a Bollywood blockbuster (with a bit too much drama), it's time to welcome 365 shiny new chances to make some questionable life decisions. So grab your juice or your favorite beverage of choice (no judgment here) and let's toast to the New Year, where gym memberships skyrocket, and our motivation... well, let's not get too ambitious.

The Resolutions List: A Masterpiece of Daydreams

We all kick off the year with a list longer than a train ride across India – lose weight, save some moolah, learn a new language, find true love, and maybe conquer a mountain or two if the stars align. It's like a wishlist longer than a kid's letter to Santa. And just like that letter, half of it might end up being a bit of a stretch. But hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

The Gym Saga: A Love-Hate Rollercoaster

The gym in January is like a family reunion. Suddenly, everyone you've ever known is there, rocking their spiffy new workout gear, as if the sight of fresh sneakers will magically make the treadmill less of a pain. Fast forward to February, and it's back to the usual suspects – you and that one guy who believes grunting is a legitimate form of communication.

Time Travel and Other Mysteries

New Year's Eve is the one time we willingly hop on the time-travel bandwagon. One minute, you're clinking glasses, toasting to the magic of midnight, and the next, you're scratching your head, wondering where the heck the last twelve months vanished. It's like an involuntary magic trick we perform for ourselves, annually.

The Countdown Chaos

The New Year's countdown is a shared experience, a bit like accidentally hitting 'Reply All' on your family WhatsApp group. You eagerly count down, and just as you hit zero, you realize your resolutions might've been a tad overzealous. But fear not; there's always next year, right?

The January Diet Drama

Ah, the January diet – where salads suddenly become your besties, and desserts become a distant memory. For those brave souls who manage to stick to it, major props! For the rest of us, well, there's always the next fad diet. Let's be real; the weighing scale doesn't really understand the concept of days anyway.

"So here's to surviving another trip around the sun, with laughter, love, and a dash of craziness. Happy New Year, you awesome bunch! May your resolutions be as flexible as your go-to pair of comfy sweats, and may your sense of humor be as unshakeable as that post-New Year's Eve dizziness. Cheers to another year of navigating this wild ride called life – one chuckle at a time!"

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