Saturday, January 23, 2021

Anecdote of joining the new company

I was standing in the balcony of the flat in the colony built by the company. I was a bachelor. The flat was too big for me. It was a beautiful colony on the riverbank of river Kundalini near a small village at Roha, Raigad. 

I was hired to head the Plant HR of a newly formed joint venture company. Indian company became MNC immediately after JV was declared. I was young, dynamic and in my thirties. Next day was my formal joining in the company. Company wanted somebody young, energetic and with progressive mindset handling both Industrial Relations and Human Resource function at the plant level. The union was affiliated to the regional saffron political party. Task given to me was to implement the global productivity and HR practices. Of course, this opportunity was great, and I was lucky to get it at that age.

That was a new town for me, however I was happy that I had a great opportunity which would keep me engaged for a few years. 

In front of my flat there was a lawn and big ground with big palm trees around it. Few children were playing there. Few of them suddenly saw me and waved their hands towards me. I reciprocated the same. 

Next day, I was waiting for the company car which was supposed to pick me up for the factory. The distance from the colony and factory was hardly 4 km. While I was waiting, one of the employees came towards me, introduced himself. After exchanging greetings, he asked me. “Are you closed to any board member?” 

“No, why?” I replied. 

“I thought so.” He replied. 

Meanwhile, I rushed towards the car. His question started cropping in my mind. Why did he ask the question? What makes him believe that I am closed to board members?”      

Next day during the orientation, I was introduced to the Production Head. After the formal discussion about his function and his challenges, we took the break for lunch. We started discussion on other topics like weather, places to see in the new town, beaches around the place, family etc. He had a daughter which was in 7th standard and son in 9th standard. Then he shared the anecdote about me. He told me that I was in a discussion for the last few days after my organizational announcement and people had created a lot of stories around me.   

The previous day, While I was in the balcony, his daughter and a few children saw me. She pointed the finger towards me and told the other children, “New HR Head, Mr. Bidwaik and family have arrived perhaps. See his son standing in the balcony.”   

Announcement of my joining was already done in the organization. Most of the employees were aware that some, Mr. Vinod Bidwaik is joining the organization. They were curious to know me. Everybody had constructed my image in their mind based on their previous experience. 

My predecessor was an ex-navy officer. He had put down his papers after the company decided to enter the joint venture of a one-time successful company in reinforced rubber compounding products. 

Everybody was thinking that the new HR head must be very senior, perhaps in fifties like earlier managers, however when they saw the young lad of 29 years, they could not believe that their HR Manager is so young. I got the answer why that employee asked me the question about my relations with the board member. He could not digest that the HR head is so young. Perhaps he thought that I must be the relative of one of the board members, that’s why I was hired to lead the HR function of such a big plant.

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