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Self Motivation

Nobody can motivate you, yes it comes internal
There is a long debate on motivation. Managers, leaders are expected to motivate their employees. Companies introduce Rewards and Recognization schemes to motivate their employees. People are definitely motivated and such schemes also shows good results for time being. But still most of the times people are not enough motivated, they further expect something different.
Motivation is an urge to do soemthing. Self-Motivation is an urge to drive oneself, which pushes him up towards his needs, wants and desires. Nobody can’t motivate you, you yourself has to motivate you. There are lot of theories on motivation. Lot of reaserch on motivation is avaliable on google, but still people are not motivated. People are still not 100% happy. Orgnizations will ensure the motivation of people, but why people expect extranal motivation. I do agree that people should be motivated, but where their self motivation goes?
The main problem is they are not aware what they want in their life. So eveybody should ask the question, why I need to be motivated..
Why Self Motivation?
Self- Motivation is needed for following purpose in life.
 We need to be self-Motivated because
a)    We have our goals in life and our goals have to be achieved by ourselves only.
b)   We have our dreams in life and our dreams have to be fulfilled by ourselves only.
c)     We have to make things happen and we ourselves has to do something to make it happened.
d)     To do all in life, we should know how our life going? Nobody will keep a track of our life; we ourselves have to keep the right track of our goals dreams and efforts.
If we are responsible for our actions and our life, the question is how external factors will keep us motivated?


Durgavadhyula said...

Good write up. I agree with you for self-motivation. However, inspiration for self-motivation will come only when employer recognises your services, sincerety and honesty. We do best on our part but still if a little inspiration comes from the Employer, our self-motivation scales up. Very nice to read your write up.

Anonymous said...

Adding to your opinions:
Yes it is self motivation which is permanent solution. But before understanding about self motivation let us find the difference between the Motivation and Self motivation.
Motivation: Motivation Is the first step to reach Self Motivation. And Motivation is temporary in its nature and gets only thru external factors either thru praises, gifts, promotions, hikes ,increments etc. But in the absence of external factors immediate opposite result would be de motivation.
Finally we lie either of it .
Self Motivation :But whereas Self Motivation is a status and which is permanent and everlasting . In this
Stage External factors neither touch you nor trigger.
How to Achieve it:
1.Observe with full awareness the Motivated status and its effect on your Mental, Emotional and physical layers.
2.Capture this status and start remembering as many times as possible. And slowly let this positive feeling imbibe in your personality.
3. After some time you start living in the same Motivated status where you are completely charged and you do not need any support from external factors to tune you any more.

Best Regards

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