Sunday, December 02, 2012

Self Instructions

Instruct your mind positively...

“Keshava, what are you doing? Please check first and then enter into the system…” one of the accounts officer in my organization was speaking with himself (or computer?) while making some entries in the system. I was behind him. I asked, “What is this Keshav? To whom you are speaking with.” He laughed. His colleague seating next to him told me that it is his regular practices. Sometimes they get confused by his self –talking.
Our mind is powerful and believes on what we do, what we say. Self-instruction is a very powerful but simple tool to make your life happy.
Normally self-instruction is used in education systems considering the students’ ability of one to cognitively plan, organize, direct, reinforce, and evaluate one’s own independent learning without a teacher's prompting. In our day to day job, we need to work without the support of seniors or peers and not necessary they have the time to teach you everything what’s happening in the organization.
However Self instructions here I mean to say is to instruct positively to the mind. Our mind is powerful in bring the positivity in our life.
If you are driving towards the office and you see the traffic on the road is moving fast. You have two options, either to curse the situation or keep the mind cool and wait. You have meeting and you need to go at office on time. How to keep the mind cool? Here just instruct your mind by speaking with yourself. “Oh, the road is jam, but what I can do now? Send the message to boss first and keep your mind cool dear. It is not your fault XXX (you name). The road is with full of idiots.” and laugh. Make the situation funny. You will see the difference. It is the choice of yours’ and you need to choose positive option.    
How to do that?
1.      Identify the situation: Situation can be anything. From you day to day issues to professional ideas. E.g. traffic is jam; you need to prepare the report for the boss; or you have to give the presentation to the critical customer.   
2.      See the positive side: Check the positive side of the situation. Traffic is jam but traffic police is already there. Or can I come out and do something? Or Oh I am ready for the presentation and boss is with me in case of any problem.
3.      Instruct your mind: This is a self-instruction phase. Make the positive statement and alternate plan in case of failure. Instruct yourself what actually you need to do and tell yourself everything good about the situation. Just start the conversation with yourself with positive affirmations. Have a good talk. You are instructing your inner, (subconscious) mind.
4.      Enjoy the event: Life has its own destiny. It will not work always as per your expectation. One think in your hand is to enjoy every moment in life. See around and enjoy the faces of people. Relate them to some analogy, animal or birds. Comment on such situation and people involved there. Make a next plan. Tell your mind what is your next plan and how are you going to implement that.
Life and time are the two best teachers. Life teaches us to make good use of time and time teaches us the value of life.


AK Arora said...

Lovely, thanks for such a wonderful sharing Mr Vinod.

Yes in this life, it is really umportant to be self instructed first for our doing that always lead us to do right and teaches a lot

Anonymous said...

Hi Vinod...
Yes Its simply awesome.Self instruction... I do it always... Often the people standing near by says.. i m mad but i will be very busy planning my life's next move and it will come out perfect. Its a real fact. I suggest everyone must try this... Specially when a problem arises....first calm your mind and then draw the situation in mind, calculate the best ways can sort it out within a short time...For this you may have to talk to yourself...Go ahead....Self planning.....Thanks for the blog part... All the best ....

Keep rocking

Anonymous said...

Realy owsum..

its beautiful and meaningful thoughts.

thanks for sharing Mr. Vinod


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Vinodbidwaik,

Thanks for posting an interesting concept.

Navi Mumbai

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