Saturday, December 29, 2012

Employee Engagement- II

Indicators of Employee Engagement…

Employee Engagement is directly related to company's
financial performance..
Employee Engagement is crucial. But first we should understand what employee engagement means:
Engagement is more on how he enjoys his job and organization and how he contributes to the organization. Employee Engagement is nothing but employee’s psychological connection with his job, superior and organization. Most of the people misunderstood employee satisfaction with employee engagement; however these are two different terms. The normal response to employee engagement issues has been to focus on increased job satisfaction. The rationale was that a satisfied employee is a productive employee. Research indicates that in actuality, a productive employee is a satisfied employee.
Thirty years of industry research and my own personal experience indicate that employees, who apply their talents and abilities to enhance the organization, make a significant impact on key business results. The outcome is a more engaged employee, which results in a higher contributing and more satisfied employee. It also means that organization which invests in developing their employees has more engaged employees.   
Employee Engagement is the level that an employee believes in the mission, purpose and values of an organization and demonstrates that commitment through their actions as an employee and their attitude towards the employer and customers
In short employees are engaged when they bring all their talent, energy and discretionary effort to bear to their everyday decisions and actions. They have a clear line of sight so that they understand how their work contributes to the direction and goals of their organization.
Sometimes Commitment is also view as an Engagement. At the same time as commitment and engagement are used interchangeably, the general consensus seems to be that commitment is not enough – the real differences are seen when employees are fully engaged.
Committed employees are positive, want to do the right things, display high levels of energy and initiative, but commitment becomes engagement when it is fully harnessed and aligned with the overall goals and direction of the organization.
Research also shows that engagement is a leading indicator of financial performance. Companies that increase their engagement levels can expect to significantly improve their subsequent financial performance.

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Anonymous said...

hi sir

can we conclude commitment and employee satisfaction are same?

is there any difference between employee satisfaction and job satisfaction of the employee?


Vinod Bidwaik said...

Hi Srijay,

You have prompted good questions. Please read my latest blog on these two questions.


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