Sunday, April 13, 2014

If your boss thinks that your growth has limitations, what will you do?

Your Exit Strategy..

Vikas was the Line Manager of Prabhanjan, one of the senior technical sales manager in one of the well-known MNC.  Prabhanjan was around 52 years old, working almost for 10 years in the company. He was not doing well for last few years. He was qualified engineer, expert in his segment, but was not doing well for last few years. Vikas has concluded that Prabhanjan was reached at the level of complacency.  In spite of giving several feedback, Prabhanjan was not trying to fulfil the expectations of his line manager. Vikas communicated to the management  that he didn’t want the person in his team. Of course he had taken all actions, to bring the Prabhanjan at expected level. The issue was the attitude of employee.  

For keeping the performance of the team and to set the example, it was important to separate the employee from the company. However when it came to the HR, then lot of questions were raised about the termination considering his past performance which was very good, his seniority in the organization.
I see here two issues,  from company side and another from employee side. I am not commenting on his performance issue. We can debate a lot on the performance. But my question is about exit strategy.

From company side:  does your company has the exit strategy and policy in place?
Getting talent and retaining talent is the vital and he was speaking about the exit before even joining the employees. What we would tell employee when he joins the company is the question? 
There are different types of employees. Most of the times we carry with the perception and only talk about retention, which we should, but there are few employees who over a period of time creates the problem to the organization either by nuisance (of giving the example of their past performance & seniority) or by becoming complacent . If it is not working well, company should have the proper exit strategy in place. This strategy is not what you do but how you plan the exit of employee considering different circumstances and scenario.     

From Employee Side: Situation may not always good. Sometimes companies do the rightsizing, sometimes jobs become redundant. Sometimes bosses change and sometimes relations are not that good. After working few years in the company, you also want to do something different and company may not support you to that different things. Sometimes companies may not have the enough opportunities.  Leaving job is also not possible after some times. Situation comes, that you have title, you earn money, but you are in the golden cage. Opportunities are given other employees or outside people are brought in the organization. You feel that you don’t have the career in the organization. What will you do?     
In business, investors makes their exit strategy. You are also an investor of your career and the business (company) for whom you are working. You need to plan your exit as well. Do you have your exit strategy? Here the strategy means how and when you plan your departure from the organization, once you have contributed fully and you (or company) feel that there is not extra with you to add.

It is a planned approach to terminating a situation in a way that will maximize benefit and/or minimize damage.

You have to decide which situation is good or which situation is bad.


jaikumar jaikumar kulkarni said...

Boss is not the end of your career. Go beyond your boss's limitations to prove his views as irrelevant/ignorable.

Kandasamy N said...

If we are satisfied to the Boss business goals , why he is thinking the limitations ?

Sengupta Parthajit said...

There is a saying Boss is always Right, so follow this as first step,2) think of his views,
bring a open discussion on your idea and set this in logically correction and proportion, 3) Still if there is difference wait for chance and talk on the subject when he is totally free.
4) Any last of all if there is a big gap of logically you are right, better tell him Good luck and good Bye, after the world is round there are 360 ways.

Sudhir Mahale said...

In any given organizational hierarchy, man rises to his level of inefficiency.
Corollary:For such a man,inefficiency is efficiency and efficiency is inefficiency. So all inefficient persons rise through the organization and efficient persons are pushed out.
Each departments have a quota for promoting as well as exit. Boss likes yes men around and hates men who points out his mistakes. Such people are dangerous for him. He targets such people for exit. That's your exit strategy. So he sets out accumulating evidence. and at appropriate time he pulls the rug under the person. What one should do?.
One gets the wind of such move when boss is in evidence gathering process. So start hunting for a job or look for self employment opportunity. The later is the best option if you are very good at your job. So you are ready with alternative career by the time boss gets ready.

Anonymous said...

Simple ... Say Thank you to him/her.And do needful(change yourself /find and change the job/adjust and accept the fact)..and most important don't fool yourself.

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