Saturday, April 05, 2014

Ability & inability…consciously & unconsciously…

When I was in school, I never thought that I would be public speaker & trainer. But when I started my professional life, I thought I can do the same; even better than others who claim they are good. Do we aware of our full ability? There are lot many things in life we do first time and before doing that we never would have thought about those. When there is any change in technology, people fear that it would be difficult to manage that technology. There are lot of tasks which change over a period of time, you struggle to adapt and then you do it professionally.  You do it consciously.

There are abilities and inabilities. We manage both consciously and unconsciously.  Even you are not aware of those things. But if you want to get the insight about yourselves, it is worth to learn…

Unconscious Inability:  When we have never done any task, we are unaware about our ability to do that task. You may think the certain task is either difficult or easy, depending upon the perception. The person when decides to learn the car, may think that driving the car is very easy.

Conscious Inability:  But when the same person starts learning the car, he starts thinking and then he understands that driving a car is really difficult. He has to check where is the accelerator, where is the break and where is the clutch.  He also check gears while changing the same. The first stage is to realize that you have to learn something.

Conscious ability:  When new driver starts learning and understands that he can do it, he practices driving, but he also needs to focus only on driving. He will not try to change the radio station while driving, his focus is on steering wheel, accelerator, break, clutch and gear.  He avoids distractions. He will not engage in conversation while driving.  Every time the person has to keep in mind all these things.

Unconscious ability: After  lot of  practices the person becomes excellent driver. Driving the car now is automatic. He does not need to focus anything. Changing gears, speeding the car and breaking the car when hurdles are foreseen happens automatically. Driver also engages in conversation, changes radio station and also sees something countryside.

Unconscious ability & awareness: It is very surprising, when you do things automatically and would like to remind the learning,. It goes very hard to do that. If you are an expert driver and you are asked to follow the stages of changing gears, speeding the vehicle and breaking when you are thinking while doing.
This is the highest stage we can attained . The ability to do the things while we reflect upon them is the utmost skill we can attain in life.   

When you want to build the rapport with somebody, you think mirroring the person. You keep the mind on it. This is conscious ability.

But when your mind is distracted, you stop mirroring, however over a period of time, you mirror automatically without much thought. This is unconscious ability.

As you develop further, you are able to thing to get the bigger picture and your thoughts are free. Still you perform the task, (here mirroring), but you decide whether it is right or wrong.  This is unconscious ability with awareness.  

How can you do this? Off course by practising. Put some your personal examples in it and enjoy the power of your conscious and unconscious mind. 

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