Sessions by Vinod Bidwaik

Future of Work and Capabilities to Survive

My interview at Globuzz

Session on "Impact of Covid19 on jobs and career, new skills required to survive.

My Leadership Journey: Formative Learning.

Employability & Future Work trends

Organizational Redesign: Holistic approach HR should take

Acceptance Remarks after receiving Outstanding HR Professional 2019-2020

Role of HR Business Partner

Future of Work

How to improve the employability

Publication of second edition of "College to Corporate Via Interviews" (Marathi Book)

Agility in HR

Employability in Manufacturing Sector

Sustanability in B2B business during Pioneer Convergence 2017 held at PIBM Pune

Transactional analysis- Summary of Ego states

Smart cities is not about infrastructure, wifi is about smart societies.

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