Saturday, August 25, 2012

When Brijesh Kumar invents new language…

Brijesh Kumar retired after spending almost 35 years in the company. After the retirement, he thought that he would do something differently. Initial 6 months went well enjoying the freedom of retired life. His only son was settled in USA. His wife was passed away almost 4 years back. It was sometimes difficult for him to forget memories of his wife. But he kept himself involved in reading, writing and travelling at different places. He almost attended every lecture, seminar on different topics in the city. Travelled all over India. Spent two months in USA with his son. But he was not happy. He came back in India.   

He thought what he was doing. He should do something differently. He got totally bored with everything. He stopped going out. He stopped watching TV, reading books and everything he was doing earlier. He used to sit alone in the flat staring towards walls. He would go to sleep, he would take his lunch, dinner on time, but he was restless.

One day while gazing to the wall, he got an excellent idea. Why not change the whole language of this world. Language of whole World, very difficult! County, difficult, and what about City, sounds good. But then “Which language?” He asked himself. He though lot.

One fine morning, he thought, why not exchange the words? People call table to table, I will call table as a watch. People called watch as a watch; I will call watch as a drawer. And he went on, he changed his whole language. What to call, human being, ok, Flowerpot.

And he invented different language. He was very happy when he woke up early in the morning. After the breakfast, he went outside. He greeted his neighbor first time. Next day, he was supposed to call him flower pot!  Some children were playing on the playground and he was supposed to call them small flowerpots and playground as school.

And he practiced a lot. He thought alternate “different words” to “different words.”J

 “Man woke up early in the morning with the noisy alarm of the clock. He sat on the chair waiting for his tea. He took newspapers from the door for reading. Children were playing on the ground and making noises.”  

He would say the above paragraph as under:

“Flowerpot woke up middle of the evening with beautiful sound of the chair. He sat on the cupboard waiting for his wine. He threw lights from the hole for eating. Small flowerpots were sleeping in the school and eating silence.” StrangeJ

And from next day, he practiced and practiced and practiced. After few months, he invented his own language.       

He was totally new person with new language. But he forgot the whole language which others people used to speak. He went to the milk parlour to take milk, but he asked for salt. He went to hair salon to cut hair, and he asked to steal his legs. … And so on….

People were unable to understand his language and he was unable to their language.

When his son called on his “TV (Mobile)”, he could not understand his language and son could not understand his father’s language.

People started to make a fun on him…. He was an alien in the city with crazy language…

But Brijesh Kumar was happy that he invented something different.

After few months, his son came back in India and took Brijesh Kumar to the psychiatric.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Have a Fun…Enjoy…

For last two years we are discussing about different perspective of management, human resource, personality, philosophy, personal excellence, development etc. etc.

This week just have a fun. I have put some good collection of some fun and learning thereof.  


Never got caught...
A lawyer was filling out a job application when he came to the question, "Have you ever been arrested?"
He answered, "No."
The next question, intended for people who had answered, "Yes" in the last question, was "Why?”
The lawyer answered it anyway: "Never got caught."

During a sermon our pastor stated that money wasn't important in the afterlife, because in heaven, there is no money.
I overheard a poor kid whisper to his mother, "Did you hear that, Mom? We're already in heaven."

The Rabbit's Thesis
It's a fine sunny day in the forest, and a rabbit is sitting outside his burrow, tippy-tapping on his typewriter. Along comes a fox, out for a walk.

Fox: "What are you working on?"
Rabbit: "My thesis."
Fox: "Hmm.. What is it about?"
Rabbit: "Oh, I'm writing about how rabbits eat foxes."
Fox: "That's ridiculous! Any fool knows that rabbits don't eat foxes!"
Rabbit: "Come with me and I'll show you!"

They both disappear into the rabbit's burrow. After few minutes, gnawing on a fox bone, the rabbit returns to his typewriter and resumes typing. Soon a wolf comes along and stops to watch the hardworking rabbit.

Wolf: "What's that you are writing?"
Rabbit: "I'm doing a thesis on how rabbits eat wolves."
Wolf: "you don't expect to get such rubbish published, do you?"
Rabbit: "No problem. Do you want to see why?"

The rabbit and the wolf go into the burrow and again the rabbit returns by himself, after a few minutes, and goes back to typing.
Finally a bear comes along and asks, "What are you doing?
Rabbit: "I'm doing a thesis on how rabbits eat bears."
Bear: "Well that's absurd!
Rabbit: "Come into my home and I'll show you"
As they enter the burrow, the rabbit introduces the bear to the lion.


In the context of the working world:
Lesson for Management professional:
To survive in the corporate world successfully, our boss is going to be the key player.

The Lion Repairman
It's a fine sunny day in the forest, and a lion is sitting outside his cave, lying lazily in the sun. Along comes a fox, out on a walk.

Fox: "Do you know the time, because my watch is broken"
Lion: "Oh, I can easily fix the watch for you"
Fox: "Hmm. But it's a very complicated mechanism, and your great claws will only destroy it even more"
Lion: "Oh no, give it to me, and it will be fixed"
Fox: "That's ridiculous! Any fool knows that lazy lions with great claws cannot fix complicated watches"
Lion: "Sure they do, give it to me and it will be fixed"

The lion disappears into his cave, and after a while he comes back with the watch, which is running perfectly. The fox is impressed, and the Lion continues to lie lazily in the sun, looking very pleased with him. Soon a wolf comes along and stops! To watch the lazy lion in the sun.

Wolf: "Can I come and watch TV tonight with you, because mine is broken"
Lion: "Oh, I can easily fix your TV for you"
Wolf: "You don't expect me to believe such rubbish, do you? There is no way that a lazy lion with big claws can fix a complicated TV"
Lion: "No problem. Do you want to try it?"
The lion goes into his cave, and after a while comes back with a perfectly fixed TV. The wolf goes away happily and amazed.

Scene: Inside the lion's cave. In one corner are half a dozen small and intelligent looking rabbits that are busily doing very complicated work with very detailed instruments. In the other corner lies a huge lion looking very pleased with him.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Are you (HR Professionals) partnering the business?

When I ask the question why they choose the HR profession to HR professionals, I get the simple answer as “I like working with people.” Why only HR professionals should like people; in team and matrix organizational structures every employee requires to work with people and it is by compulsion to “like working with people!”

For a successful HR professional, it is not relevant now to say that you like working with only People. HR expertise and managing change are perquisite qualities for HR professional. But most importantly business literacy is even equally required.

At one side, HR professionals should be expert in their functional knowledge. But they also need to thinks how their expertise compliments to the business growth. Most of the times, the alignment of HR professionals is the issues. First thing first is numbers: Set the numbers, get the numbers and promise the numbers…HR processes and foundation should be aligned towards these numbers.

HR is a unique profession where HR professionals have to handle lot of paradoxes. At one side they have to enforce management philosophies and another side they are expected to employee advocates. They need to keep the balance. Sometimes this way of working keeps HR people in dilemma. Hence developing the skill of pushing people for taking touch decisions is a challenge. You can be friendly, but you can’t the friend in the organization.

But when you are clear about the business needs, you need not to worry about the same. Our existence is for the business numbers. As rightly said by Jack Welch, “This business game is all about winning; the team that wins is the team with best players. And your job is to place such players.” Here comes the functional expertise and business knowledge. The HR professional who does not know his business, sales figures, company turnover, customers, products and dimensions, in which the business operates, will face the failure as a HR Business Partner. He will still continue to do the transactional HR jobs but will not grow as a HR professional.

It is important to know the numbers and at the end of the day HR professional should strategize the HR theme to support that numbers. It is crucial to play the role in change initiatives, aligning people towards strategy and vision, mission of the company and get the right input for ultimate output.

So what is required to get along with this all...? Seems to be tough but possible...

1)      Come out from the comfort zone. HR role is partnering the business. Come out from your functional area and learn some business processes. Try to supervise some Non HR employees so that you will understand the different dimension of the business.
2)      Have continuous dialogue with people on business. Relate their work to the business through HR perspective.
3)      Go with the business people. Get along with your distributors and customers.   
4)      And off course understand the business matrix and tables, the base and from where that come. After all you have to build your theme on those matrices.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Quality in service delivery

Cost, quality and delivery are buzz words in modern economy. Every organization has the focus on these three words; at least these words are spoken frequently. However the practicing these words are difficult. Especially “quality” is the world which has lot of meaning to the success. Quality is required in every job. It is not just for product quality. It includes service quality also. Service to customer, service to the boss (in term of own work), service to peers and service to the organization. This requires lot of efforts. Normally “ chalata hain attitude” spoils the culture of quality. Quality does not mean only perfection. Whenever you are giving any data to your boss, quality is expected. Quality also means adding certain value to that data. He is not expecting the clerical job from you, but analysis of the data will help him and he will definitely recognize your contribution.

We provide outstanding service when we excel in meeting the needs of others, so we must endeavor to produce wonderful products or provide excellent services that will surprise and gratify users, consumers or receivers. It is not enough to have excellent products. We also need to find the fastest and most effective ways of getting them to our members or clients, a "magical" way of delivering them.

We achieve quality of service when we combine the science of meeting the clients' technical demands with the art of making them feel emotionally satisfied. Quality of service applies not only to business, but also to government agencies, institutions, and organizations. We need to commit to listening to our members to identify the "moments of truth," when our members express opinions about our organization and its services. We need to commit to change ourselves and what we do, so we not only satisfy, but pleasantly surprise, our members, who honor us with their trust.

When we have a higher quality of service, our members feel they are better served, they promote the organization, and even us and we gain more members, which, in turn, increase our potential and improve our position.

If we want better organizations, as well as better countries, cities, and citizens, we need people who have quality in their blood and show it in each product or service they deliver every day.

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