Saturday, August 25, 2012

When Brijesh Kumar invents new language…

Brijesh Kumar retired after spending almost 35 years in the company. After the retirement, he thought that he would do something differently. Initial 6 months went well enjoying the freedom of retired life. His only son was settled in USA. His wife was passed away almost 4 years back. It was sometimes difficult for him to forget memories of his wife. But he kept himself involved in reading, writing and travelling at different places. He almost attended every lecture, seminar on different topics in the city. Travelled all over India. Spent two months in USA with his son. But he was not happy. He came back in India.   

He thought what he was doing. He should do something differently. He got totally bored with everything. He stopped going out. He stopped watching TV, reading books and everything he was doing earlier. He used to sit alone in the flat staring towards walls. He would go to sleep, he would take his lunch, dinner on time, but he was restless.

One day while gazing to the wall, he got an excellent idea. Why not change the whole language of this world. Language of whole World, very difficult! County, difficult, and what about City, sounds good. But then “Which language?” He asked himself. He though lot.

One fine morning, he thought, why not exchange the words? People call table to table, I will call table as a watch. People called watch as a watch; I will call watch as a drawer. And he went on, he changed his whole language. What to call, human being, ok, Flowerpot.

And he invented different language. He was very happy when he woke up early in the morning. After the breakfast, he went outside. He greeted his neighbor first time. Next day, he was supposed to call him flower pot!  Some children were playing on the playground and he was supposed to call them small flowerpots and playground as school.

And he practiced a lot. He thought alternate “different words” to “different words.”J

 “Man woke up early in the morning with the noisy alarm of the clock. He sat on the chair waiting for his tea. He took newspapers from the door for reading. Children were playing on the ground and making noises.”  

He would say the above paragraph as under:

“Flowerpot woke up middle of the evening with beautiful sound of the chair. He sat on the cupboard waiting for his wine. He threw lights from the hole for eating. Small flowerpots were sleeping in the school and eating silence.” StrangeJ

And from next day, he practiced and practiced and practiced. After few months, he invented his own language.       

He was totally new person with new language. But he forgot the whole language which others people used to speak. He went to the milk parlour to take milk, but he asked for salt. He went to hair salon to cut hair, and he asked to steal his legs. … And so on….

People were unable to understand his language and he was unable to their language.

When his son called on his “TV (Mobile)”, he could not understand his language and son could not understand his father’s language.

People started to make a fun on him…. He was an alien in the city with crazy language…

But Brijesh Kumar was happy that he invented something different.

After few months, his son came back in India and took Brijesh Kumar to the psychiatric.

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Anonymous said...

Good story Vinod. This happnes in every organization. When any new manager joins the copmany, he tries to change the language (way of working). Over a period of times, there is a large communication gap.

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