Friday, August 13, 2010


I came across to the story about Mr. Ratan Tata. I do not know the real source, but I received it from my boss.

Story goes that a team of senior managers from Nelco was driving to Nasik along with Mr. Tata. Halfway into the journey, the car had a flat tyre, and as the driver pulled up, the occupants - including Mr. Tata - got off for a comfort break, leaving the driver to replace the tyre.

Some of the managers welcomed the forced break, as it allowed them a much-needed chance to light up a cigarette. Some used the opportunity to stretch, and smile, and share a joke. And then, one of them suddenly noticed that Mr. Tata was not to be seen, and wondered aloud where Ratan Tata might have vanished.

While his colleagues were taking a break, Ratan Tata was busy helping the driver change tyres. Sleeves rolled up, tie swatted away over the shoulder, the hands expertly working the jack and the spanner, bouncing the spare tyre to check if the tyre pressure was ok. Droplets of sweat on the brow, and a smile on the face.

In that moment, the managers accompanying Ratan Tata got a master class in leadership they haven't forgotten.

And that's a moment that the driver of that car probably hasn't forgotten either.

In our personal and professional life de we exhibit such humility? As the person grows, he should be more humble; but what is the real picture? Most of us have the egos, we are successful, we are highly qualified, but truly speaking we do not have the culture of humbleness. People forget that position, money and success are relative terms. If you go outside, shopkeeper, next to the door will not recognize you as the person holding specific position in the organization.
If you see somebody with lot of ego and arrogance on the face, you will also not like to deal with that guy. That guy also doesn’t know that his success, the money he is getting is for short term. One thing is sure such people are not cultured and conditioned right by their parents. You are the role model for your subordinates, at home you are the role model for your children.

Mahatma Gandhiji rightly said that if you want to assess the character of the person, just see how he speaks with his servants.

Humility will take you towards the success. As a parent we should be role model to our children and should teach them the essence of humbleness. As you grow, you should be more humble. As you learn more, you should learn the humility.


Sandesh Dhawale said...

Superb inspiration.. i really like the Mahatma Gandhi Quote. Will remember this lesson in humility

RK said...

I really liked this story which has also helped me take a decision today. It has touched me. It really does not matter to me now whether I am in a big or mid sized organization, with less or more salary, but I have something which is mine, I know how not to let affect ego and always be soft and humble, not bothering what kind of people you are around. Hey thanks for sharing this and thank god that I read it in right time.

Unknown said...

very true coz.i've witnessed ratan tata having lunch in workers canteen sitting right across the table having same food what wkrs were having such a humble attitude, also heard narayan murthy standing in employees lunch queue without making any fuss so gr8 leaders doesn't only show but exhibit leadership qualities in every day minutely lead life gently/humbly its not about preaching but also practising

Prathmesh Patil said...

There are certain people who purposefully try to establish the difference. They want to be distinguished among other employees. They will take their lunch in their cabin; ask driver /office boy to carry their bags. They do not like to call by name, they want to be prefix and suffix some titles with their names. They will expect that when they enter in the room, all should stand and bow. Then they will just look to the people from their big glasses. God save the corporate world from these people.

Subodh Malpani said...

Dear Vinod

keep up the good work ! cause sharing these stories help everyone to think...... and bring them on the RIGHT track,..... in case they have got lured to go off track !

At the same time I wonder, what would have been the reaction of the other Sr Managers, if I or you would have been at the place of Ratan Tata and did the same thing as he did !

Subodh Malpani

surbhi roshan said...

very good one. all of us sitting at higher poitions need to read and adopt this. thanks vinod

suchitra said...

Dear Sir,
Really good...enjoyed going through it.

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