Friday, August 20, 2010

What type of employee are you?

Have you seen any employee always with long face roaming around? You must have also seen people gossiping in cafeteria and socializing with each other. Don’t they have the work? Or somebody sincere, doing his work always but on same position for long period.
After investing almost 13 years in HR in different organizations, I can easily label employees in different categories.

These are employees who do the good work; they are recognized for their work and able to get the respect for what they are doing. But when it comes to their career growth, they stuck up. They struggle for the organization but when it comes for getting something for them, they can not take the stand. They are unable to pursue the management that they are really doing good work and they should get what they deserve.

An Imperceptible Man: An imperceptible man does the job with due care and he performs well. The unfortunate thing is that nobody knows what this guy is doing? These people work for other by giving the credit of their achievement. In fact others can easily take the credit and these people remain unnoticed.

Bulldogs: You must have encountered with bulldogs that are very aggressive, always ready to bite others. When these employees are around they just create the tension in work area. Nobody likes them. They may be good workers, but they do not gain much as they are dislike by other employees and even bosses.

Day dreamers: These people are always in a dream. You don’t know what they are doing. They will always speak about big plans, but they do not have the control on any situation. When some adverse situation comes, they back out.

Just gossiping and complaining nature. Ab intio, they do not like anything in the organization, but still they don’t resign. They expect that other should redress and change the situation. They will not take any initiative. They do nothing to affect the change themselves, no matter how much taking decisive actions would help remedy their complaints.

Speechless: They never speak in spite having problems. They take everything that’s given, whether they like it or not, and their passivity makes them over-worked and stressed. People take undue advantage of these guys.

Employees in all above category may have personality issues. They are either very aggressive or very passive. Identify where you are from and then make plan for improving.

PS: There are employees who have 20 years of experience, 1 year experience repeated 20 years. There are another set of employees who have actually 20 years of experience, every year new experience. Under which category you are?


Anonymous said...

Mind blowing artile.

Anonymous said...

employees may change from one type to another also based on the environment and other variable factors in some cases.

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