Sunday, August 05, 2012

Quality in service delivery

Cost, quality and delivery are buzz words in modern economy. Every organization has the focus on these three words; at least these words are spoken frequently. However the practicing these words are difficult. Especially “quality” is the world which has lot of meaning to the success. Quality is required in every job. It is not just for product quality. It includes service quality also. Service to customer, service to the boss (in term of own work), service to peers and service to the organization. This requires lot of efforts. Normally “ chalata hain attitude” spoils the culture of quality. Quality does not mean only perfection. Whenever you are giving any data to your boss, quality is expected. Quality also means adding certain value to that data. He is not expecting the clerical job from you, but analysis of the data will help him and he will definitely recognize your contribution.

We provide outstanding service when we excel in meeting the needs of others, so we must endeavor to produce wonderful products or provide excellent services that will surprise and gratify users, consumers or receivers. It is not enough to have excellent products. We also need to find the fastest and most effective ways of getting them to our members or clients, a "magical" way of delivering them.

We achieve quality of service when we combine the science of meeting the clients' technical demands with the art of making them feel emotionally satisfied. Quality of service applies not only to business, but also to government agencies, institutions, and organizations. We need to commit to listening to our members to identify the "moments of truth," when our members express opinions about our organization and its services. We need to commit to change ourselves and what we do, so we not only satisfy, but pleasantly surprise, our members, who honor us with their trust.

When we have a higher quality of service, our members feel they are better served, they promote the organization, and even us and we gain more members, which, in turn, increase our potential and improve our position.

If we want better organizations, as well as better countries, cities, and citizens, we need people who have quality in their blood and show it in each product or service they deliver every day.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post sir. Quality should be in our culture. We neef to include this aspect in basic education.

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