Sunday, February 06, 2011

Other Side of the Life

Beautiful River in between two villages was the pride for both villages. There was no bridge. My school was at other side. The only attraction for going to the school was that river. We used to play in the river while going to the school and coming back to the home. In monsoon, river had heavy floods. When we were in the school, we were worried that if flood come, we would have to stay in school.

During one monsoon, due to heavy rains, the level of the river increased. Some my friends passed the river. They were standing on the riverbank.
I asked them, “how to I get to the other side?”    
One of them laughed replied, “you already are on the other side!”

Often life is a matter of perspective, perception and viewpoint. Do you realize how many people are trying to get to the very side of the river on which you are currently standing, while you are trying to get somewhere else?

In life, we wish to go always other side of the life. We have something and still we are not happy. We have already one home, but we want to take second. We have small car, we want big car. At the end of the day we end up increasing our liabilities and tensions. I have seen so many people coming and complaining about the salary. They say, “We can not manage in this salary.” The question is, “who asked you to increase your liabilities?” Most of the time, we do it for showcasing these to the society and our community.  

If there are not the other complaints, then people have complaints about relationship, friends, kids, office, work culture, boss, colleagues etc etc.  

When you're tempted to complain, try focusing your thinking in a different direction. Make a regular habit of counting your blessings. Here are some simple thoughts that might help you focus forward each day…

“Our relationship with partner/boss/friend/colleagues isn’t perfect, but every day, we can work out and make it better.”
 “My kids aren't good in academic, but they're good in drawing.”
“Thanks God, My health is good.”
“Thanks God, I have not to borrow the money for paying bills and rents.”
 “No job is perfect, but here's what I like about mine”
 “I'm pleased that I live in a great community and that I have supportive friends”

We can control everything most of the things. Even if you can control nothing else, you can always control your attitude.
There is always other side of the river, but your side is equally beautiful. Let’s recognize this beauty of this side of the life.


Anonymous said...

Vinod, Its grate to read ur blogs. We all are now on the other side and its better.

Anonymous said...

Important message told in a simple way!! Nice.


Unknown said...

True, Nice one

pramod said...

gripping writeup, full of eloquence.

Anonymous said...

Its very tru Vinod. I was reminded of a proofreader, from the newspaper I was working with, who taught me this lesson. Once while leaving the office after completing second shift, he said (as if to himself), we should be grateful to the organization, for they give us a chance to think/do about something other than our day to day hassels.

Unknown said...

Dear Vinod,
One need not read Vedas. Your simple explanation with an example is enough to understand many untold philosophical thoughts.
Thank you. Please keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Mr Vinod,
Your article is amazing,after reading it im on the other side of life,plz do give us some more articles in the same way thank u

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