Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do you have a choice?

If you get a chance to go back in your past and change your past decisions, would you change some decisions? I can certainly say that you would definitely like to change few which had adversely affected your life. But the fact is that we can’t go and change our past. We have to live with the past we have.
The only thing we can do to choose that decision. I remember the conversion happened with my friend. We both were studying our management. One day he came with new shirt.
“Vinod, usually my parents buy shirt for me, but this is the shirt of my choice,” he said.
“Oh really?” I asked, “How you did that?”
“Yesterday, I went to the shop, asked salesperson to show me shirts and I choose one.” He replied.
“Do you think you choose the shirt?” I asked.
“Off course, I chose one.”
“You did not choose the shirt.”
“You saw different shirt and out of these entire lot, you selected best shirt. Is this a choice? No. you took the decision to purchase one shirt out of different shirts. There were different alternative before you and you chose one. This is not a choice, but mere you decision to purchase a best suited shirt.”
“You are crazy, you are impossible. This is all philosophy. You are playing with words.”  He laughed.
“May be! Did you have in mind what you want? And did you get in shop exactly what you had in mind?”
“No. How it is possible?” Friend asked me.
“You find out the answer.” I smiled and put the ball in his court. I remember, the discussion on choice and decision continued almost for 2 hours and we could not conclude.  

What we do in life. We take decisions and we say that we have the choice.
What you do in decisions? You have different alternatives with you and you select one option which you think is a better. In life everybody checks different alternatives; even arrange marriages are based on decisions.  
What is the choice? Choice is what you like. Choice is the freedom of choosing something with all good or bad qualities.
Taking decision is the inevitable part of life and nescience of alternative can make your life measurable. However once the decision is taken, you should not worry of its consequences. You can not go in the past and change your decisions. There should not be any regret, only lessons. We should learn from the past and go ahead.
Choose whatever you get. Choosing is accepting what you have. Choosing is accepting with wholly and not partially. You can not accept well and ignore bad.
When it comes to relations, you have to choose your relation wholly with good or bad traits. And that is the freedom of choosing. That is the choice. Even if you have any alternative in front you, have should choose thy whole heartedly.


Unknown said...

mamu u should b a writer.actually its a good thinkig about life, i mean practically we have to face different types of situations. but u can b a "dusra CHETAN BHAGAT".BY T WE d hav read all t novels of CHETAN BHAGAT

YogeshHukame said...

That was nice but I will throw one more question like how does our choices are formed..How everyone living have gets different choices and not the same one...

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