Monday, May 09, 2011

Are you motivated?

“Dam it,” he punched on his palm (same like Mahesh Kothare does in his movies), “I am fade up with this monotonous job. I need some motivation” He was expecting some solution from me on his bored life. His second intension must be political. If you speak something with HR, at least it gets noticed. However, I have been selective in acting on such things and this is with experience. Yes. We have to listen everything, but you have to be selective about the issues on which actions are needed.
“Have you learned something different?” I asked him.
“My life is in numbers, I don’t know anything different.” He replied.
“Then better to find out the ways to enjoy this.” I suggested.   

What is motivation and what does it have to do with personal and business success? How can we become more motivated? Learning what motivates us and how to use our motivations is yet another key success factor. We say “we are motivated” when we feel driven to work for something we need or desire. We are motivated to attain something we are seeking, whether it’s material, intellectual, emotional or spiritual.

You are aware about different theories of motivation. The key is to find out what motivates us.  Our success depends on our motivation. If parents are unmotivated, their state of mind may have a negative effect on their work, which, in turn, could affect their present and future income. Their failure in that area could lead to negative effects at home and produce breakdowns in their most fundamental relationships.

Somebody asked the question, “What is motivation?”
“Motivation is the urge to do something.” I replied. The question is what is that urge?  

Emotions play a large role in whether we are motivated or not. How we handle events, based on our expectations about them, determine whether we feel calm or resentful, hopeful or resigned. We are the ones who choose motivation. As the owners of what we feel and what we think, we can use this power to increase our motivation to be more successful.

This urge can be find out by some simple methods.
  1. Check your level on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: Take charge of ascending from one level to the next, meeting your basic needs and focusing on your higher needs.
  2. Create positive states of mind: Feeling optimism, hope and the certainty of being able to achieve your objectives will motivate you to prevail.
  3. Be tolerant of “relative failure”: When something goes wrong, consider it as just another step on your road to success. Correct it and move forward.
  4. Ask for help from people who admire, love and know you well: Successful people are motivated by the people around them. Their support provides them courage and strength to persevere.
  5. Take inspiration from successful people: Observing how people, at times with little ability or resources are able to reach ambitious goals inspires us to be successful as well.
  6. The last but not least is -believe on “the law of attraction”. You get what you are. You are what you think, what you imagine, what you dream. So be positive with everything. It will bring positive vibes.
It's up to you to give yourself the opportunity to believe in it and use it every day.


Manish Patil said...

Vinod Sir, I wish to thank you for helping me ( simple method no.4) :-)

Hrishikesh Pihulkar said...

nice thoughts!!

Unknown said...

hi... sir ... very nice thought

YogeshHukame said...

Agree..It is very important to stay motivated..

Blanchard Research and Training India LLP said...

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