Saturday, November 24, 2012

Do you know these types of people?

Enjoy the funny side of a person….
If you observe people carefully, you will find the consistency in their behaviour. Most of people are predictable. If they are predictable, it is easy to understand and manage them. There are different types but still unique personalities around us. If you see the lighter side of their behaviour, you will enjoy them. This is one of the ways to make the life more enjoyable. I have identified few of themJ. While reading, please refer “he” as “she” also.
Me too guy
You have different stories to tell to people. These people may be your friends, relatives or neighbours. They are in families, communities, societies and offices. The conversation with them goes like this.
You are planning to purchase a new car and you speak with the guy of “me too” type.
“I am planning to buy a car.” You share with your friend
“I am also planning to buy a car.” Your “Mee too” type friend replies
“I think Honda City is better.”
“Yaa, I am also planning to take Honda CRV or Skoda Rapid.”
Whatsoever you plan, they also have the same plan but at better or higher level.
“My son has been sent to USA by his company.” One proud father tells to his neighbor when they meet for society meeting.
“My son is also planning to go to UK for a year.” He replies back.
If you tell them anything what you do, they will have something similar to tell you. In such conversations, another person doesn’t recognize the success, achievement of first person.
They will have similar experiences like you. They will cut you in between and tell you their story which is similar to you.
“Knows everything in this world” guy
Oh, very knowledgeable guy. He knows everything in the world. He has always something to say on. Content of their knowledge is questionable, but he will comment on everything.
He knows why Manmohan Singh is still the Prime Minister; He knows what Uddhav Thackaray will do after Balasaheb Thackaray; He knows what politics happened while selecting Indian team; He knows why Vijay Mallya doesn’t care his airlines and he also knows why FDI should not be allowed in India.
He will throw references, numbers on your face. Anyways you don’t know what actual numbers and references are.
This person will challenge you in everything.  You say that FDI is necessary for the growth of India. He will challenge and argue with you why FDI is fetal to Indian economy and poor people in the country. If another person says that FDI is not necessary, he will still challenge and argue why FDI is required.
This guy is really a monster. He can play the role of effective opponent in meetings.       
“Question Mark” guy
Have you seen the person asking questions in every meeting, every occasion? He has lot of questions in his brain. If he doesn’t have questions, he will still create question. You can’t guarantee the quality of the question. During whole conversation, he may miss what you said. Back of his mind, the question processor is always on during conversations, meetings and he never miss the opportunity to ask questions.
“Opinion in everything” guy  
He will have opinion in everything. When he doesn’t have any opinion, he will still have the opinion! He is like the judge of TV Reality Shows. He will comment irrespective of any knowledge in subject matter. He is an expert on his own in any subject matter.
“Friend of influential people”
He always says that he knows most of the influential people in his area. Local corporator of Municipal Corporation is his good friend. He has good network with the top boss in his organization. He will mention top references during the conversation.
He knows local MLA. He knows judges, police officers and who not? But you can’t be sure how his relationship with them is.
“Oh, I know Police Commissioner very well.”
“I know the local corporator of our area. If I decide I can get the desired parking in colony within 8 hours.”
Fact is when it comes to police verification for passport, he has to take somebody with him as a witness and his parking issue never resolves.  
This is just because he says and you have to believe him just for the sake. Actually nobody knows him. I wonder why his child doesn’t get the admission in desired school if he has good relationship with the President of School Committee.
Identification of these types of people is easy. Just start the conversation with them and you will enjoy.
If you know anybody different typo person please share with me.  

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