Saturday, November 03, 2012

Find out some time...

It's all about Life Management…

People always ask me about my different activities. I write blog and articles. Colleges and institutes call me as a speaker. Sometimes I spend my time with NGOs and also involved in CSR activities. This all is done after office hours. In professional life there are lot many tasks which are beyond my JD and still I perform with passion.

 “How you get the time to write all this?” One of the friends asked me.
“I don’t get the time, I find out the time.” I answered.

We all run with the time. Sometimes we also don’t know what we are doing. People have great excuse of time always. People really work hard but getting some time is dream for all. This is all about the attitude towards our life.

Here I remember the statement of famous person, “Assign responsibilities who have lot of work, people who just say that they do not have time for doing something, will not do the job best.” Fact is you will not get the time anyways, but the reality is if you find the time for something, you will definitely get the time.

This is all about the attitude towards life. If you have positive attitude about the time, time will be there to support you. The question is how you go the extra mile. Sometimes we do not challenge ourselves. I am involved in budgeting exercise. Making budget and then aligning with the finance is real challenge. We have different styles. In past I use to spend almost 10 days in making the budget. Today I complete the budge within 2 days without errors. In past I was doing hard work and now I do the smart work, the result is more time for more value added activities. I recognize that my time is very important to the company. I need to spend my time on relevant value added tasks. However I even can’t delegate the budget exercise to team members as it involves lot of confidentiality and integrity. So what I did, I made a programmed excel file, where I just need to put the relevant percentage for increment as per the cost center and whole calculations are done automatically.

I have seen, people actually spending time on the tasks which can be handled with effective technical knowledge. Actually, you need to be innovative. Every morning when I go in the office, I ask one question to myself, how can I improve, innovate and change today.

How many times, we go extra mile and push ourselves? When I decided that I have to find out time for some other activities, I push myself. Coaching you team for taking more responsibilities and delegating some activities will definitely help. For getting some personal time, I started to cut my sleep by ½ hour by every morning.  

There is everything available on Time Management, but we will not get the time by just reading such references. We actually need to go extra mile and push our attitude..

Hence first find out some time to get the time. After all Life is not about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.  


Anonymous said...

True Vinod, Life is not finding oneself, it is creating oneself, in doing so it gives a meaning and purpose for oneself.

Sandhya Aggarwal said...

This is all about understanding priorities in life. If you understand who you want to be, you are on the track. Great insight sir.

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