Friday, October 01, 2010

With reference to the context……

The General Manager along with head of all functions would review the status and discuss day to day operations. The big company with lot of activities with 2000 plus employees needs daily review for smooth operations. One of the issues was related long pending agreement with trade union. The union was dominant, 10% of the workforce was comprised with corporators, ex-corporators, leaders of different political parties around the area. Inside the factory they all were united under one flag. As they have different ideologies outside the company, union also has lot of challenges.

Due to this, negotiations took long time and both parties could not enter into the agreement. It was pending almost one year.

The company celebrates its founder day every year in October. Union decided to boycott the function. All blue collar workmen did not turn up for the function. But the function was great success with participation of staff and their family members.

Next day, union requested that they would like to pay the homage to the founder, in the premises of the company. All the functional head were in the opinion that they had nothing to do with the founder, if they had, they would have to be present on founder day. They should not be allowed.

There was lots of discussion. At the end of the day, General Manager was one side and all others were at another side including HR Head.

There was another Dy. Manager working in HR. General Manager called the guy in the meeting room.

“Union is asking the place in the premises of the company for their gathering?” what is your opinion?” he asked.

“No we should not permit their gathering inside the company premises.” He replied.

“Do you know for what this is?”

“No sir,”

“They do not want for conducting any meeting. It is for paying the homage to the founder”

Guy looks to HR head, expecting some signal. He just smiles.

“They have committed that they would not create any nuisance. As a part of agitation, they boycotted yesterday’s function organized by the local management. They had taken the move considering the sentiments of their members. This is just synchronicity. Our today’s decision should be considering the same sentiment.” GM explained.

“I agree sir, our decision should be matured. We can not work like they work. I suggest we should allow them to give the permission for paying the homage to our founder.”

After lot of discussion considering the context, the proposal was accepted by all members.

“We should always understand the context before arriving on any conclusion. It is always better to consider the matters with reference to the context.” General Manager concluded the meeting.

Do we consider the context before concluding something?

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Rati said...

Bidwaik Sir,

Too good. But do you think that poor HR professional would understand this philosophy?

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