Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some “great” answers given by HR professional

Following are answers given by some HR professionals during different interviews. All these professionals were having around 8-19 years of so –called experience in HR and were working with good Indian companies.

  1. What is competency?
In simple words, it is right person at right job on right time (!!!!!!!!!)

(Oh… what a simple answer…)

  1. What is KRAs?
Key Result Areas

  1. Yes I know what KRA stands for, but what does it mean?
It is day to day activities what employee is performing

  1. Have you identified KRAs, KPIs,?

  1. How?
We circulated blank forms sent by corporate HR; we get it filled from department heads as on time.

(Good job of getting filled forms on time… in his CV he had mentioned that he had an experience of implementing Performance Management System in his current organization.)

  1. You have written in your CV that you had done manpower planning? What you did?
I was getting filled the manpower requisition from department head. Based on this we decide how many employees need to be recruited.

(No comments)

  1. You have written you have done job evaluation what is it?
Preparing the details of job

  1. What is the difference between job profile and job descriptions?
The activities what employees is doing on day to day basis and what are the requirement of job is job descriptions.

  1. What you do in recruitment?
Once we get the requisition we give the requirement to consultants and then in co-ordination with department head we co-ordinate interviews.

10. You have written that you have participated in negotiations with union during settlement; what was your role in that?

I was preparing a data for the boss, taking minutes of meeting etc.

9. You have mentioned that you are dealing with the union; can you tell me what protected workman is?
Protected workmen? (Candidate heard this first time)

  1. Can contract labour be used in production activities?

  1. How?
We are using them


  1. You have mentioned that you handed training function. Can you elaborate what actually did?
We identify training needs and based on that we conducted training programmes.

  1. How you identified training needs?
We used to send the forms to Department heads, and they would fill the training needs.

  1. What is your major achievement?
…………………. (Please read as pause)
Two months back, my boss left and now I am handling everything.

(Oh… God save the organization…..)

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