Friday, May 18, 2012

Some more great answers given by HR professionals

1) Who is called hiring manager?
Candidate 1: A person who is responsible for handling recruitment cycle for an organization is called hiring manager.
Candidate 2: Recruitment Manager is generally known as Hiring Manager.

2) What is SMART means in SMART Goals setting?
Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology
(Oh… we got new jargon in HR)

3) Meaning of suspension?
Candidate 1: Employees are retained in the organization
Candidate 2: Asking employee to put down his papers for nonperformance.
Candidate3: When employer gives the order to employee to leave the organization.

4) Difference between lock out and closure?
Closure: when the establishment itself is closed
Lock out: The place of business in closed.

5) Who recognize trade union?
Candidate 1:- Ministry of labour
Candidate 2:- Union leader
Candidate 3:- Trade Union of India
(So why unions don’t go to these newly formed agencies?)

6) Who decides minimum wages?
FLSA: - Fair labour and Std. Act.
(Oh... when this Act introduced? Or copied from US?)

7) PL Eligibility as per Factories Act?
45 days
(Kaash yaisa hota!)

9) Can you tell me what behavioural based interview means?
It is calculation of employee level.

10) What is employee attrition?
Attrition is the ratio of the strength of company

11) And employee turnover?
Employee turnover is like asset for any company like profit whereas employee attrition is like liability or loss to the company.

(This candidate may be best fit in finance)

This is a right time to sent the context for deciding the quality of professional while hiring.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

HR profession is spoiled by girls who are just comming to this profession because they think that this profession is peaceful and gives good money. I have interacted with so many HR professionals and seen the diffrence. There should be some specilised body whohc should certify the entry.

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