Saturday, July 09, 2011

Are you radical?

You must have heard the world “Radical groups”.  These groups are of the people who are extremist, fanatic, fundamentalist and actually people who are extreme on their thoughts. I am not fond of these groups and actually I hate them. But what I like the word “Radical”. This word can be associated with words like “beyond the norm”, “extreme”, “revolutionary” etc etc. Another association with this world is “through, drastic and it bring velocity and energy to the person. 

I always ask myself how I am radical in my work, job, career and overall my contribution in the organization. I would like to add career after the word Radical. Yes Radical career.  What does it means? It is putting action into your job and career…it is the profound, and glorious, and terrifying, and absurdly difficult but infinitely rewarding process of transforming your current self into your ultimate self. Think back to those times in your career when you’ve performed at your absolute best, when you blew past expectations. That’s when you were in Radical career. “Radical career” is taking action to become the most knowledgeable, functional expert, powerful, valuable, and fulfilled version of you. Just have a look on successful people. What they have in common. They are fundamentally expert and erudite.

Career has different perceptions now a days and this must be the topic which is largely discussed. Books, blogs, and webinars that seek to help us create amazing careers. I often surprise about the target audience is for this stuff. Millions of people slog away at jobs they hate. There are millions of jobs that most people would not find desirable or fulfilling. It is not practical to believe that everyone can have a great career. Many people will have careers that are a means to an end, like supporting their families or paying the EMIs of their home and cars.

The most important factor in radical career is passion about the job. I choose my career and I have the passion; like actors have the passion of acting and singer of singing.

“Vinod, the beauty of these people (actors, singers and artists) is that they develop their passion and they get the money from their passion.” Once my friend Prashant was telling me about Zakir Husain. Husain is Tabala maestro because he has the passion in Tabala.  

If you do not have the passion, you are bound to make mistakes. I have seen the casual approach of professional (?) about their profession. I sense the passion for professionals who are really made their career. They are the most popular people in any organization because they live according to what’s possible. They are not confined by what is. They are not afraid (or don’t let it stop them) of smashing the status quo or breaking the rules.

If there is one thing that is changing in the world of work, it is that people are not settling for a lousy experience any longer. They know that life is too short to waste away at a job that does not provide challenge and satisfaction (or not enough) (or not a lot) (or not what’s possible). People value opportunity and challenge over security.

Research says that people want to love what they do. They are willing to work hard and make sacrifices to reach this level. Many people hate their jobs and are frustrated. If you show them how, they will do it. Anyone can learn to create a radical career that is fulfilling and enlivening by having expert and knowledgeable in their subject matter and mainly passion in what they do.

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Excellent Article. Very true.

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