Saturday, February 09, 2013

Employee Engagement- VIII

India is growing economy and there are lot of oppurtunities to the talent. Employees have different expectataions. Most of the times they expect higher salaries and benefits just based on their perception about the market. If one collegue leaves the organizaion and communicates to his peers that he is geeting 30-40% higher slary and good title, existing employee start thinking to leave the job as his friend. This is a trigger for searching the job outside. This is also possible that employee’s friend outside just overtalked about his salay. Salaries and increase are still opening discussed in India. Employees are not unhappy because they get less, but they are unhappy because others get more. Even when any person talks about his salary, he has the tendency to make the hype of his salary. While telling his existing salary, he will increase his salary by 20-30%.   
Employee leave the organization assuming that he will get more in his new organization. It can be salary, benefits, or even title. But when he joins the new organization, he came to know that, yes, he got new things what he was expecting, but missing lot many things what he was receiving and experiencing in his earlier organization.
You can not retain every employee. Even it is not necessary to reatin every employee. It is advisable to reatin RIGHT people. If you have all fair practices for employee engagement, still employee may not recognize that. You can educate them for taking the best descion about their life.
If employee is not happy, try to unddrstand his reason. But reasons are invalid you have  organizational limlitaions, it is better that employee leave the organization. Employee Engagement does not mean that you have do what employee wants. If employee is not contributing, he is not productive, he is gossping and always discussing about the organizational policies and issues, take immediate action.
People are slefish, they will take convienent stand on the issues which are for their benefits. There is a possibility, they may speak against organization when their perofrmance review is bad. This will be inspite of all good things organization have.
Hence always have one to one communication with employees. Take few employees in a month for the discussion. Just have a formal chat about their job, their expectataions and their openions about the organization, their manager and organiational policies and culture. Take this oppurtunity to communicate them orgnaization views about employee. Communicate him what is expected from him. You can definitely convert the guy into your brand ambassoder.

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