Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolution of following the resolution

Do you make the list of resolutions to be followed in New Year? The question is how to follow the same. I remember, when I was in college, I use to make the big list of resolutions.

From 1st Jan,
I will wake up early in the morning
I will start daily exercise
I will study at least one subject after the exercise
I will enroll for additional diploma
I will spend at least one Sunday with underprivileged children and so on….

When I look back and review why resolutions are not followed, I get simple answer and it is we do not commit to ourselves. We recognize the importance of resolutions. That’s why we make it. But it does not come from our heart as they are not priorities for us. You just check the list of resolutions people do. If you do not follow these resolutions, you do not suffer so much immediately. Unless we do not make them the priority we would not be able to follow them.

Second reason is we do not convert them into objectives and goals. And when you convert them into the goals, you are forced to put the timeline. Most of the times, it is wish list we make and label them resolutions.  

We have lot of excuses to break these resolutions. We do not plan them properly. Sometimes we do it for 15 days and then we forget…

So on the eve of last day of this year, at least make one resolution...

“Whatsoever, I make any resolution; I make it to happen.”

Wish you all Happy New year! May this New Year 2011 bring for you happiness, success, health, prosperity and wonderful surprises in your life!”



YogeshHukame said...

Wish you and family a very Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year 2011.

Pranali said...

Dear Sir,

Wish you happy new year. I have made the resolution of not making any resolution :-)

Vaishali Pargaonkar (Gandhi) said...

Hi Vinod,

You wont believe, but at lunch today in office; my colleagues and I happened to walk over this topic and we were discussing on why resolutions are not followed....and I mentioned that I dont make resolutions but make wishlists. Because 'resolutions' sound more like a compulsion or a disciplinary thing, that makes you rebel with your own thoughts. But wishlists are more agreeable and motivates you to fulfill / attain the goals. And just reading your blog makes me think...that we think a lot alike on this topic atleast :)

So whats my wishlist for the New Year? Well, wishes are infinite.....thats y they r called wishes!

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