Saturday, January 22, 2011

How you transfer the knowledge?

Our parents went to the school to get the information and subsequent knowledge. They had limited access to the information. We also went to the school to access the knowledge from our teachers. We had better access to the knowledge in libraries. Today, my son studying in standard II has the access to the knowledge on his figure tip. In knowledge society, we have computer and laptops at every home; in schools definitely. Internet and google have made the revolution in knowledge and learning. Everything is available on your fingertip. Just type what you want and you get it.

Some people forget that they are living in knowledge society. The knowledge which is easily available to them is also available to others. The same is applicable in organizations also. As a manager, if you do not coach and train your team, they will anyhow get it from somewhere, but then you will loose the respect. If you delegate the job to the trainer; then trainers should be equivalent competent. The job of trainers also is critical. The days have gone, when trainer would show slides, conduct different games and transfer the knowledge to the participants. What they show is already on internet.    

Once, we invited one trainer, he was supposed to speak on life skills. After the session he asked the feedback from participants. “We were expecting something new, we already know this stuff.” One participant bluntly told. “Yes, we know this, but it was refreshing for us.” Second participant was more gentle.

I personally feel that this knowledge revolution has made the trainer’s job more challenging. They actually have to innovate, create new material and find out new methodologies to engage participants.

And even as a manager also, you actually need to be coach and mentor for your team in a innovative way.   

Best luck.

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