Saturday, May 11, 2013

Who are they?

We always have descriptions for people. We tag them based on their personality and their success. We call somebody lucky chap, achiever or super achiever. Sometimes we classify them in true sense which actually tells something about the person. Simple description sometimes brings about greater understanding.  Most of times, people are complicated and understanding them is a real challenge. It is always wise to label people in a correct way. You can use following tags to classify people in right perspective.
Achiever: Achievers are target oriented and work hard to achieve their goals. They may be less oriented to people. Sometimes they may tend to use the people relationship for achieving their goals. Nothing wrong, but you should expect the reciprocation.
Affiliator: These people like to associate with people. They believe on relations. Very helpful and will see the opportunity to make new friends. But try to understand their intention of association.
Fighter: Believes that argument is the best option to win. They are pushy and fight for everything. These people don’t believe that issues can be sorted out by discussing.   
Independent: These guys are judgmental and judge thing by their own standards. Will go for what they want alone.
Preserver: Likes things to be completed. Will find out the ways to push and will not leave you until you agree with them.
Exhibitionist: These people like to be in the center of attention. Will do anything to be in the eyes of people.
Fearful: Always low profile and don’t take any stand in life. Shrinks from excitement and anything might be the threat.
Impulsive: Who thinks of something and does it. They will end up buying things which is really not necessary.
Carer: Want to help people and will not expect anything. They are really concern about people to whom they into relation. But may encroach your personal space.
Orderer: Very orderly and disciple people. Hates untidiness. Spends ages making things tidy and orderly.
Boss: Like power. Dominant and like to boss others around.
Sufferer: This person compliments the carer. He is always the victim and likes to share their problems and difficulties to others.
Researcher: This guy wants to understand everything. Will ask you lot of questions. For him it is knowing than achieving.
Off course there are other tangs also. If you really try to understand people and tag them you can decide your strategy to deal with them.   

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