Sunday, May 17, 2015

InReGo ©: Design your own career plan…

Career development is the buzz word in corporate world. Employees leave an organization because they think that they don’t have the right career in the organization.  HR professionals have the struggle in designing career path and match aspirations of employees. However the issue is still vivacious in HR world. 

At the other side, employees don't have the right perspective on career development. I have seen employees who leave the organization for the sake of career development, end up just receiving the title change without any role change in next organization. S/he gets the upgraded title without any upgraded role. Sometimes for them tile change is also a career development which is not the real case.    

Let’s see what actually these terms means:

Career is the series of work-related positions a person occupies through life.

Career Paths represent employees’ movements through opportunities over time.

However employees should understand what actually career means for them.  Manager and HR professional need to educate employees and facilitate their real aspirations instead of mere focusing title up-gradation. 

Organization-Centered Career Planning focuses on jobs and on identifying career paths that provide for the logical progression of people between jobs in the organization.

Individual-Centered Career Planning focuses on an individual’s career rather than in organizational needs.

There will be always mismatch between above two.
Before speaking and expecting about career development, employees should focus on their own inclination and their focus in the career which always is missing initially.

There is a test called InReGo© -(©Vinod Bidwaik)

What is InReGo ©?

Everybody can design their own career path!
(In) Insight: Do you have the insight about yourself? Have you done analysis thoroughly what is your potential and at what level you can climb?

(Re) Reality Check: Most of the time, employee does not check the reality. Dreaming is good, but day dreaming is bad. Have you done the reality check about your potential, your qualification, skill sets?

(Go) Goal: Once you have the insight and reality check, it is the time to set right career goals. Set ambitious but realistic goals. During interviews, candidate always mention their career goals like to be the General Manager of the unit etc. Nothing wrong, but when 3 years experienced candidate dreams to be the general manager, I have the doubts if S/he has done the reality check.

Based on the InReGo © decide your career choice assessed on your Insight, Interest, Self-Image and your Background.

You will be more happy with this approach rather than just following the blind competition of career development and your peer pressure.

You can design your own career…don’t rely only on your organization…


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Awesome Blog

Anonymous said...

Awesome Blog

Anonymous said...

Awesome Blog

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