Saturday, June 13, 2020

Imperfectly perfect

"The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw": Havelock Ellis
Few years back I changed the place of Television. Cable which was taken from the DTH disc was now adjusted to the new place. In this process, at the previous place a small hole of previous cable was visible. Every time, that small hole used to get my attention. I decided to plug it with white cement. It worked well, but the colour of the wall was different. The small white patch on the light green wall was prominently visible to all. It was not the perfect wall and I always used to get distracted by that small white patch. The reason for the distraction was that it was not looking good and the wall was not perfect.  Only one option was to repaint the whole wall so that it looks good. But repainting the wall itself is a tedious process & it has some cost. Finally, I kept aside the decision of painting that wall. It was not wise to spend money on that small one- inch patch.

In our life, we have a lot of such small patches, flaws which look different, sometimes disturbs the symmetry and beauty of the area. We don’t see the other part which is good, looks nice and most of the time beautiful. Absence is a part of life; you will always find fault if you look for it. There will be a lot of undesirable things in the world. There will be good and bad. There will be a lot of flaws which will not look good but still we need to learn to live with that.

I think most of the problems in our life are not because we don’t have them. We are worried because of not having something in life. It is not about the thing itself but the feeling of missing that desired thing. Everybody is looking for that perfect picture. Expecting regularity is also okay. But all those are fine as far as they go, but there seems to be something in human nature that rejects the rigidity of perfect order.

Just reflect about the situation before Covid19. We wanted freedom of working from home, being at home, no travel at offices, and wanted to spend time with families. We were desiring that moment. Corona virus pandemic gave that opportunity. But now after spending 3 months ate homes, now everybody wants to go back to the offices and want to socialise with people. We need to understand that when there is beauty, there will also be pain.

We chase for perfection. Perfect relationship, perfect love, perfect house, kid listening to you and making their career as per your expectations and perfect life where we desire everything. We never get that perfection. We are not made for that. Happiness is not chasing perfection, but happiness is enjoying the uniqueness of that moment. When you recognize that uniqueness in relationship, love and things around you, you will start enjoying those things.   
It doesn’t mean that we ignore the quality of things. We should work towards making things better.  Self -realization of personal excellence helps us to make this world better. Not only because the world needs our service, but also because we do.    
"We need to understand that life is not perfect. There is no perfect picture. But it should not stop you to make that picture better. Somebody will still find that picture imperfect."    


Avdhut Musale said...

What a read!

Very well said;

"Happiness is not chasing perfection, but happiness is enjoying the uniqueness of that moment"

Stiphie M said...

I relate completely, well articulated!

Nirav Devre said...

Nicely Penned👍

Harsh Wardhan said...

Very true Vinod Bidwaik . Great write up.

Unknown said...

This so true, being a fauji I possess the habit of being perfect but realized sometimes to bend the rules brings immense happiness, it is ok to be indisciplined sometimes as one is more happy that ways, look at our children if we bring perfection to them their innocence will be lost, their originality will be lost. Very well penned Vinod, loved the article

Lalita Vasu said...

The story of the small white patch on the wall was so relatable. Also very much liked the lines “Happiness is not chasing perfection, but happiness is enjoying the uniqueness of that moment!” Well said!

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