Saturday, February 06, 2010


“You are forcing me to go out,” he replied back. I received the resignation from one employee. He mentioned that he should be relieved immediately. As per the employment contract he was suppose to give three months notice. He was asking to relieve immediately. Before sending the resignation through e mail, he claimed his all reimbursements, leave encashment. His salary credited to his bank accounts on 1st. He calculated everything and sent the resignation after claiming everything.

I called him, “We are relieving you immediately, come in office, hand over everything, give the company car, laptop. I will ask to do the full & final settlement with three month notice period recovery.”

“Three months notice recovery? It will be burden on me. It means my performance bonus will also go if you relieved me immediately. How can you treat me like this?” He asked. We had the policy if employee is in employment on 31st Dec; he is entitled for the performance bonus for that year.

“Yes. You send your resignation; you put the ball in company court. Now it is up to the company to relieve you. We are relieving you immediately.”

“You are forcing me to go early sir, this is not professional.” He spoke.

I laughed loudly. Same like Krishna laughed when Karna says to Krishna and Arjun on Kurushetra, “Wheel of my chariot has gone, I am weaponless now, and you are killing the weaponless warrior, this is not Dharma (ethical) Krishna.”

Krishna laughed and replied back, “When Pandavas were sent to forest, when Draupadi was insulated in court, where was your Dharma (ethics) Karna?”

“Karna, when you were spoiling the culture by gossiping, when you were doing your personal work during office hours, when you were not giving at your best to the company and you put the papers without serving notice period where was your dharma?” I asked him. He had no answer.

If company forces its rules it is unprofessional, if employee breach the contract it is not unprofessional.

The definition of the professionalism is always subjective.

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Karthikkaraikudy said...

I assume the gentleman who resigned has not listened to Mike and Mark's wonderful podcast on How to RESIGN. A must listen for anybody including the CEO or proprietor. (Remember Steve Jobs!!!).....


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