Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Poor Boy

That little boy has a curiosity about children waiting for their school bus. The 5-6 year old boy with running nose, long shirt and without pant is observing all the children. His parents are construction workers. They stay in temporary shed provided by the builder. When children gather on the bust stop, he also comes outside from his hut and just observes children.

He must be curious about what these children do and why they wait there. Instead of playing why all these children goes somewhere from their home. He perhaps also must be thinking, why he is not admitted in school as these children.

After some days, he comes closer to the children. His intention is to speak with the children, but he hesitates. Perhaps he wants to ask the children where they go, what they do etc etc. But he does not dare. He has the fear of ladies, mothers of children, standing with the children.

One day, the boy dares to speak with the children. He walks towards the children.

One girl sees him, “Oh, dirty boy, what are you looking here? get loss from here.” Her mother smiles and anybody can see the pride on the face of mother, “how brave my daughter is?” she must be thinking.

“Oh, he is a poor boy, must be dirty, but he is also a child.” Another boy responds to the girl, “But see how happy he is?”

On this response girl shows funny face to the boy.

“No need to make funny face. If any rich child than you says same to you, will you not hurt?” Another boy takes the side of poor boy.” Mother of this child feels more proud now.

This is a small incident, however teaches us the different perspective of thinking pattern of two different children. I think it comes through the influence of the value education from parents.

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Manisha Kulkarni said...

Yes. It is true. Parent's role is very important in education and children act what they see in parents. Good eye opener

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