Friday, November 19, 2010

Socially inactive

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss, Samir Soni and Dolly Bindra are evicted. I can understand that Dolly Bindra deserves for the same. But Samir Soni? Samir chose to be socially active and exhibited the guts and courage to confront Dolly Bindra. He was the only person among all housemates who took stand on time to time. But how many people have such courage?

There are lot of people who do not have courage and guts to come forward and speak on the issues they face. White collar people have the tendency to be anonymous. Society is the group of people; every human being in this bunch has their own disposition. Silent is the only common among all. They do not speak. They may be more concerned about themselves and their family which everybody should be; but they do not have any concern about the whole society. They do not know their own rights. If they know rights, they do not want to be accountable. They may speak about their rights and authorities, but hardly speak about accountabilities.

I term this as the attitude of Socially Inactive.

During my college days, I was leading one chapter of international social club. We had almost 150 members, but the active members were hardly 1%. Other members were only concerned about news in media. They would ensure that their name is mentioned in news.

In housing societies, nobody wants to sacrifice their Sunday for society work. They will not attend meetings, they will not even bother what’s happening around. But if something goes wrong with them, they will expect other members to come forward.

I surprise, when people do not bother about sad incidences happened in neighbor’s house. When somebody wants to do something, these are the people who will be anonymous and will criticize the other person.

Children observe this and their mind is conditioned that my parent are in their world, why I should be outsider.

They have lot of reasons, “We do not get the time.” Oh really?

Do we have a social responsibility? In corporate world the companies run the programme, “corporate social responsibility”. Unless you make the participation compulsory, employees will tell you lot of reasons for not attending or participating in such programmes.

I wonder, in future we all will be alone on this planet.


Vaishali Pargaonkar (Gandhi) said...

Well said...
The first thing coming to my mind after reading this is a beautifully written and composed marathi song by Sandeep Khare and Salil Kulkarni for their album Ayushyavar Bolu Kahi. For all the Marathi readers of this blog here are the lyrics....

Mi morcha nela nahi... mi sampahi kela nahi
mi nishedh suddha sadha kadhi nondavalela nahi

Bhavatali sangar chale to visfarun baghatana
kuni potatun chidatana, kuni raktalun ladhatana

Mi dagad hounijhijalo rastyachya bajus jevha
to marayala dekhil maj kuni uchalale nahi

Nemast jhaad mi ahe, mul-fandya jithalya tethe
pavasaat hirava jhalo, thandit jhadali paane

Pan potatun kuthalihi khajinyachi dholi nahi
kuni shastra lapavale nahi, kadhi garud baisala nahi

Dhutalela satvik sadara, tutaleli ekach gundi
takalavar ajun rulate adrushya lambashi shendi

Mi pantojina bhyalo, mi devalahi bhyalo
mi manaat suddha majhya kadhidanga kela nahi

Maj janm phalacha milata mi kele jhalo asato
mi asato jar ka bhaji tar bhendi jhalo asato

Maj chirata chirata koni radale va hasale nahi
mi kanda jhalo nahi! ambahi jhalo nahi!

Vinod Bidwaik said...

Very good. Thanks Vaishali

Vaishali Pargaonkar (Gandhi) said...

My pleasure!

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