Saturday, September 24, 2011

Find out these employees in your organization….

SMS/Phone employee:

Understand employees &
make your own strategy to manage them.

“I have spent 20 years in this company and everybody respects me. One employee called me after purchasing new cell phone. He told that he is calling me first. In another incident one employee gave me news of his son’s birth first. See how they respect me.”
Incidentally I also knew these two employees. They always used this strategy while communicating something to their superiors. Not necessary you are first to communicate, but they will tell so.

There are such stupid superiors where they wrongly misconstrue the behaviours of juniors.   

This is same like the new ad campaign of Airtel where I made the correction “Yek SMS subordinate jaruri hota hain!”  

Hazeri (attending) Employee:
When you are in the office, certain set of employees will ensure to come to you to say just hallo. They will not do it with their peers, but only with seniors in the organization. They will ensure to peep in your workplace, cabin once in a day and find opportunities to inform you the updates, mostly about other employees in the organization. They will ensure to filter the information conveniently. Communication of fabricated information is common.   

Ear and Eye Employee:
Top bosses are fully relied on these employees. These employees are much closed to the power centers. They maintain the good personal relationship with all employees. They also have their own colleagues in different functions and surprisingly they know everything what’s happening in the organization. The problem is that they communicate everything to top people and not the concern line managers. They may also fabricate the information for their own benefits.   

Darbari (Court) Employee
I always wonder how these employees are entertained by their superiors. Almost most of the time, they are in the cabin of superiors. Perhaps superiors also needed these employees to muscle their ego.  

Union Employee:
Have you seen employees who always speak about their rights, benefits, holidays and always negative? They find fault in everything. They are actually troublemakers. They are either aggressive or passive. You will always find them in cafeteria or near water cooler.    

Buddy Employee:
These employees are very comfortable to talk with. They are warm and welcoming. They are cool and silent. They take personal interest in other person. They make new employees conformable in the organization. Less assertive and good friends. But less effective when they are required to take firm stand on certain issues. However they are good opinion makers.   

Coach Employee:
Smart and matured people in the organizations. They like to coach others. They are informal coach to the people without any authority. They don’t hide their knowledge. They are like teachers. They are important in the organizations.  These employees are also good opinion makers.

Social Employee:
They are good friends. They will always help you. If they get a call that somebody is admitted in a hospital, they will ensure their support. They will come at our home to help you if you need them and they will never speak about this.

You will find different personalities in organizations. I labeled them based on their visible behavior in the organization. I don’t know how they are talented or performing employees. But some are definitely smart enough to manage their superiors. However it is upto the superior how they get managed by these employees.

However human is human and they will be human beings. You can’t do much to change them. Definitely last three set of employees are required in the organization and Management can actually use their skills. You can use these employees or their skill in different circumstances. Smart leaders do the same.

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