Saturday, January 07, 2012

Communication Technology Syndrome

Communication Technology syndrome is the abnormal behavior seen in human being (especially in educated human being) where s/he becomes a slave of technical instruments like mobiles, software and gazettes and social networking sites.

I have seen people checking their mobile phones for SMS, some unnecessary updates. By doing this they ignore the person seating next to them. They are unaware about their surrounding. People speaking on mobile while driving and putting their and other’s life in danger are really idiots. The height is wearing hand-free and sometimes Bluetooth instrument. The person wearing Bluetooth instruments looks funny to me. The question comes in mind, “how busy the guy is? And if he has not responded to the mobile alert will the world end?” 

“We have nothing to discuss when I go at home; we shared everything on phone, or face book.” One person was sharing. “We go home, eat, watch TV and go to sleep.”

Now a day, people communicate more through mails, mobile phones, and facebook status update. The communication has been through technology and one to one communication has been totally ignored.

I have seen the status update of one person expressing his love to his wife on the fecebook. Human being has the need to glorify himself. Every person has the desire to appear extraordinary among the crowd. Every like and comment on facebook update makes them happy.  Hence they are eager to post the happening in the life, but sometimes they ignore the privacy part of the life.   

This behaviour is a habit. Checking updates on facebook, being on mobile continuously is the obsession. This can be converted into the compulsive obsession. Is it normal? I don’t think so. This behaviour is definitely abnormal. People do the farming, grow their chicken and spend half of the day on social networking sites. They live in second life on web.  This is resulting into loss of productivity.

Blackberries show red signal when some message or email appears in the inbox.  This is distracting and there are people who even can not sleep peacefully checking and responding to those mails.   

Technology is for human being and human being is not for technology. You can not replace the technology with human interaction, interpersonal communication and relationship. Technology is the mean to improve the relationship and communication and hence we should know where and how to use these tools.      


G.k.chaithanya said...

I ll share you one coincidence..

when I was reading this father interrupted me and said " what do you see every time in loppy, why don't you play with your 4 months old nephew"

then I closed my lappy & started playing my nephew...

now my nephew is sleeping, then I read this article completely and replying...

seriously "these days human's are giving more value to machines than men" - a hit telugu movie dialogue...

If I look back there are many examples as such...

we humans have to use the mobiles/mails/FB status or any thing you take as tool for communication as communication channel only but not as addiction.....

Sri Manjari .V said...

Very nice article. Definitely an alarming rate of people are addicted to these channels of secondary communication these days. To be precise, we are virtually connected but not in reality or even emotionally most of the times. Only few people are emotionally bonded.

People are addicted to these channels for various reasons. For popularity, for passing time or sometimes to just keep themselves occupied when they are feeling depressed. Whatever the reasons may be it is a very unhealthy way of living.

I am ashamed to say but even I am addicted to some extent. Only recently I started consciously restricting the hours of time being spent on social networking sites. This article is positively motivating.

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