Saturday, March 31, 2012

Human and animals….

During  training programmes, to break the ice, we ask participants to introduce themselves in a special way. Sometimes we ask to take some time to understand the next person and introduce him to other participants; sometimes we ask to relate themselves with one animal and so on… Relating with certain animal is interesting. Participants relate themselves to different animals and sometimes particular species of the animal.

It is more interesting to understand why they relate to particular animal. Dog, Cat, Tiger, Elephant, Monkey are the animals which score more in relating. Fox, Wolf are rarely related by the participants. One participant related to the Tiger, but specifically to “White Tiger”. He mentioned that he has rare skill sets and likes to identify himself as different.

In realty, animals are more honest than human beings. Cat will never behave like fox or fox will never behave like elephant or vice versa. They are real and show the real characteristics. Dog is loyal, cat is sustainable, tiger is fearless, elephant is brainy, and monkey is always busy. When you see the human being he has everything in him. Human being will never be real and will exhibit all the traits of different animals.   

Human beings have a brain, so s/he thinks like elephant, but not always. Sometimes s/he will make stupid mistakes and make the mess. Not necessary they will use their brain.  Dog is known for his loyalty to his master, human being will also show the loyalty to his/her owner, or boss, but not necessary always. Tiger or lion are fearless. Human being will be fearless as per the situation. Absence of courage is the fear. Human being takes the stand as per the situation. He has to create the courage and confidence. Elephants, foxes or wolfs stay in group, human also stay in group, we call it “team”.  Elephants are more like a team, however foxes and wolfs are groups without any values. But these animals are predictable. You don’t predict when human being will behave like fox or elephant. Their behaviour is always erratic.

So what is the bottom-line?

You can always learn from animals. There are lots of stories on these learning like Jataka’s stories. The best way to bring out the best behavior learned from animal.

There is elephant, dog, tiger, cat, donkey and many more…. And off course each one has unique good behaviour which we can actually learn…

But behave… you have the choice of good one and bad one…

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Anonymous said...

Very common among all of us and Nicely depicted Mr. Vinod. Regards,

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